Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 0 – My Mummy Is A Very Lazy Ghostwriter.


Hello people out there that visit my mummy’s blog, today you are not going to be bombarded with that woman’s craziness.  I have at last succeeded in pushing her into publishing my very important stories.

I started working at KSP last year, every week dutifully dictating my observations.  But my poor daffy mummy just lost them on the computer thing.  If you are reading this that is, if you are not reading this it has been lost with all my other brilliance to the netherworld of computer.

No wonder I was given this important job that Mummy thought she would be able to do alone.  Oh the management at KSP were very nice to Mummy and pretended we are in joint charge, they even put her name first on the advertisements but they made it clear who they love.  They didn’t offer Mummy bits of their lunch or pat her all over or make kissie sounds at her.


But you don’t know what I am talking about do you?

Mummy and Alex steal Grandma once a week to go to a Writer’s Circle, without me.

The Greatest Place on Earth

Mummy who is a bit greedy volunteered to run another group because the lady who was running it had to leave, I heard something about New York, which probably means she is at home looking after a yappy brown terrier puppy (a new Yorkie).


Mummy tried to go alone but as Grandma wisely and kindly pointed out;

“You can’t stay there alone, you can’t cope, at least take Charlie!’


This was kind because she did not use the word that must have been on the tip of her tongue ie, incompetent.  I mean I love Mummy very much but…  Let’s just say I am not treated like a KING Charles Spaniel deserves to be treated and the buck stops with Mummy.  She really needs to get herself organised and pamper me more.  But I don’t know why taking me was the ‘least’ she could do.  I am the answer to many of life’s problems, for example:

What should we do with this leftover food?

Who should I cuddle?

Who will sleep in my empty bed?

Charlie, Charlie and of course Charlie.  I am versatile and generous with my time and effort, as long as I’m not sleepy or hungry, but even a king has his limits.

Charlie and Tasha 162

My talents were immediately recognised by the staff but Mummy is easily upset and they let her think she is the Facilitator.  But this year it is in black and white.  Charlie the Spaniel Facilitator of ROOM TO WRITE.  Mummy’s name is there too, probably so she doesn’t cry, but we all know who is boss.

Char Logo
Room to Write  with Charlie the Facilitator

Anyway because my genius should not be kept under a bushel (is that a girl bush?) Mummy has promised to post my adventures, in order from now on.  Hopefully it will be twice a week until you have caught up with where I am now.  But that won’t be now because when you read all those things I will be in the future and then you will need to catch up more.  Mummy says it will be okay but she doesn’t have a working Tardis like the nice changy man on TV.

Puzzled Confused Lost Signpost Showing Puzzling Problem

Okay I will be in the Future but you will be too and then we will both be in the same time, but not the same place because I don’t know where you live, I live at Home but I write at KSP.  This is very confusing and I need my nap.


Ta Ta for now,

That is a very English greeting and I am descended from English kings.  I am by the way doing the Queen wave but you can’t see me because of confusing things.

7816 crop

australia-flag_MkCIoZA_ c.jpg


Ave A Good One Mate!

Charles, King of Cavalier Spaniels.



Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 1 – Good News, KSP is Not a Vet.

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