NBN, the Next Great? Improvement? in Computer/Internet Thingy?

If you are not from Australia you have been fortunately spared this little joy.  The Australian Government is dedicated to making sure our internet service is at least equal to some undeveloped nations.  I mean it would be unrealistic to expect internet speeds comparable to the USA or the UK, after all they are important enough to be recognised from their initials alone.  But we refuse as a nation to have the worst internet on Earth.

australia-flag_MkCIoZA_ c


Unfortunately it is the Australian Government, so the first step is to thoroughly wreck things.

This is why they have brought in the NBN also known as the National Bothersome Nuisance.  Someone said it was National Broadband Network but I really don’t believe it is plausible.  And it is being rolled out across Australia.

So some people have bad internet, which seems to be getting worse and are not yet eligible for NBN. (Our house is in that category).


Some people are in an NBN area and they have some time to switch before they are switched off.

Heaven Hell Computer Keys Showing Choice Between Good And Evil Online

Some people have switched to the NBN and have no internet access at all.  I don’t know if I am allowed to use their names.  But I used to get a lot of work done there on a Friday.  Now I have another reason not to catch up on emails or actually post bloggy things.


Presumably some people out there have switched and have internet access but I don’t know any.  Possibly the people without internet can’t communicate on the internet and thus nobody realises that nobody on the NBN actually has internet access.  The poor souls are just out there silently trying to use landline phones.  And we will never hear about it as the telecommunication companies involved are far too important to answer telephone calls.

So in other words I am having trouble borrowing internet and I live with 3 monsters who can not live without constant streaming YouTube, even when they sleep, as it is relaxing.  Cutting off media makes them too anxious to sleep or function in anyway.  The sole exception being sitting on me while demanding cuddles yelling ‘Music?’ over and over and crying when I sing.

No,I did not agree to the Youtube streaming.


Yes, I am aware this is bad parenting!


No they will not listen to me!

Daughter 12 Mother Wrong


Yes I have confronted them, they cried looked confused then watched some YouTube to calm down!


No I am not going to force them to obey me.  Mainly because I don’t know how!


Yes I am aware I am a bad parent.


Now if you will excuse me I am going to go and play a Nintendo game until the little circle thingy tells me I can try to upload a picture.


Maybe by next month someone will read this post!


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13 thoughts on “NBN, the Next Great? Improvement? in Computer/Internet Thingy?

  1. i have dsl, its an acronym that means “perverting the analog nature of copper lines into something almost nearly digital.” for the telcos it means “paying too much to maintain a thing no one really uses or wants, but we might as well milk it a little longer before it falls off the poles.”

    it is actually incredibly reliable, even though speed-wise it is like pedaling a unicycle from perth to sydney. once you get used to the slow speed (or the impossibility of watching television on modern flatscreen sizes) theres really no problem at all.

    people talk about getting “a hundred” in terms of speed, im literally at 0.5 to 0.9 most of the time. theyre talking about 100 and to me, 1 seems fairly speedy. to put things in perspective, when i first got online compared to now, that 0.5 was actually 0.0024. you darned kids have no idea what youve got! i dont doubt that a couple of you actually remember that, but we had to carry our data uphill in both directions for 15 miles in the snow.

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      1. i actually download videos and then play them while theyre downloading.

        streaming in the browser is extremely wasteful of cpu and relatively unreliable with regards to bandwidth. so of course, thats the way everyone does it.

        im not blaming them. im blaming the idiots (or geniuses) who designed it that way and foisted it on the masses. its really not hard to do it my way, it can even be streamlined and made automatic. the problem is, everyone does it “the normal way” and the normal way sucks, which is what you just told me.

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  2. So you’re in Perth… A relatively large city. I am in Loxton, population approx. 8,000 and basically in the middle of nowhere, but surprisingly we already have the NBN. It is almost as useless when it IS working as when it isn’t, which is often. My parents phone has also decided that it won’t let people at the other end hear any noise they make for the first 10 seconds of the phone call (yes the phones are run through the same network). But ahhh at least we can finally say we trump Kazakhstan in (occasional) connection speeds. *hummpffffh*

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    1. We need to get a plaque ‘We sometimes beat Kazakstan at internet speed!’ I mean billions have dollars have been spent on the NBN and billions more lost by businesses that have switched over, we need something to show for it.

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