Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 3 – My Park Is Being Drowned.


Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 1 – Good News, KSP is Not a Vet.

Daddy brought us today it was very exciting.  Grandma doesn’t like to drive in bad weather, I don’t blame her.  Daddy put swishy moaning things on the window, he called them window wipers but I knew they were dog scarers.  Perhaps Grandma should take away her window wipers and then she wouldn’t have to be scared.

2072 c.JPG

It was also exciting this morning because so many people came to wave goodbye to me.  First the little things didn’t go to school.  Mummy said something about holidays.

But I said ‘Lah Lah La, I can’t hear you, little things belong at school’.

New school year

So I’m not entirely sure what’s happening there.  But Tablet put on my harness over my coat; DGG Sniffani’s available at Pet Stock make sure you human drives you there so the staff can fuss over how beautiful you make the stock look.  Or is that just me?  Mummy says I should point out that nobody at Pet Stock paid me to advertise, blah blah something.  Done?

9756 cr.JPG

Back to this morning, Tablet put on my harness so I was waiting for Grandma while Daddy packed my stuff.  Daddy is much better at packing my stuff than Mummy, he packs lots more.  Then all of a sudden lots of people came to see me off, and take away people I wouldn’t be using.  Two support people (neither were my beloved angel Faye or I would never have left), came apparently one needed a buddy to shift Alex.  I can see that Alex does stop moving a lot.  And the littlest thing’s boy came with his mother to take a last look at me.  I hope they take Tasha away or at least leave the boy, I like him.  So there were lots of people there to wave goodbye as I started my third adventure.


Now I don’t know if it was the rain or just that Daddy is a naturally slower driver, Mummy says Grandma has a lead foot which helps her to drive fast, but the journey seemed to take way too long.  I asked Daddy very nicely to hurry up but he wouldn’t and claimed I was being impatient.  He said we couldn’t fly to KSP.  Actually I wasn’t asking him to fly, but it seemed like a good idea.  I asked him why we couldn’t fly there but he said shush!


I know; he said shush to a spaniel!   But then I remembered he had to go home to the little things not being at school so I magnanimously forgave him and smiled at him so he wouldn’t fret about his appalling behaviour.

Suddenly he remembered he had not packed a towel.  He wanted to divert to a shop and buy me one, in case rain killed me.  Mummy said that rain doesn’t kill anyone.  They ‘discussed’ this for a while and Mummy won.  So Daddy made her run out of the car carrying me close so I wouldn’t get wet.  He is good sometimes.  He then brought all the bags.  Mummy seemed a little rude about his packing skills and fears about my wellbeing when she was talking to the office lady (who smelt of V-E-T this morning).  The only thing Daddy forgot to pack was dog treats.  What a sensible man, without those tasty but made for pets not spaniels bits Mummy had to feed me bits of proper lollies.  I hope Daddy always packs.


Well that’s it from me.  There is nothing to do because my park is drowned.  I am going to have a nap.

9785 c

‘No Mummy, I never snore!’

Yours sincerely,

Charles Holt, Cavalier & King Spaniel.

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