KSP Exercise – POV

I may have been ignoring my blog but I've still been facilitating at KSP Writers' Centre.  Admittedly mostly Tabby and Alex but I believe technically there are considered people.  And they do pay, actually I pay.  That's right I pay to boss about my own kids.  Actually thinking about it, they listen to me; money … Continue reading KSP Exercise – POV


Can an Autistic Person Legitimately Become a Writer?

Of course disabled people can do whatever they want to.  Rah,rah disabled rights.  Okay, done? Seriously though, writing is supposed to be based in truth, right?  Even the most preposterous fantastic premise must be based on the human experience, it must have internal cohesion or it becomes pointless. So you write from what you know.  … Continue reading Can an Autistic Person Legitimately Become a Writer?

Anubis, Not the Famous One, the Cuddly One.

As promised pictures of the newest Holt. Thursday we went to Cat Haven (Cat Shelter) to look for a kitten.  I know before I have sworn off rescue pets because of the complicated household make up that the poor animal will have to adjust to.  Some years ago we adopted a beautiful Ragdoll X Freddy … Continue reading Anubis, Not the Famous One, the Cuddly One.

Farewell Beloved Smokie

I don't even know how to write this... Smokie passed away, renal failure after a kidney blockage; it was fast, bloody and completely unexpected.  My marshmallow cloud.  The vet gave him a pain killer while we waited for tests, the results were dire.  No real choice.  But the morphine gave us time to get the … Continue reading Farewell Beloved Smokie

Exercising the Writing Muscles.

Yes the crazy characters at KSP Writing Centre are still letting me give real people exercises to do.  Here's last week's: To write about writing is such a drag The only thing worse is my facillitator’s nag Without a life of her own, she’s destroying mine! If I was asleep at home all would be … Continue reading Exercising the Writing Muscles.

I Am Not A Person, I Am An Autistic.

'I am not my disability, I am a person!' Interesting, but in terms of autism how accurate is it. I suppose what it gets down to is how do we really understand 'a person'.  Other disabilities, sure I'll give you that, as far as I know.  Blind people are people who can not see, deaf … Continue reading I Am Not A Person, I Am An Autistic.

OMG, GTH With Your PDA.

I was in the shower this morning thinking. Now this is unusual, thinking anywhere, even the shower. It was probably because I didn't have my usual audience. My regulars: Orion was mad because I took him out of the shower before I turned on the water. I'm not mean I had to let the hot … Continue reading OMG, GTH With Your PDA.

Silence Filled the Room

Silence filled the room. This statement is just not realistic. The room I am in is relatively quiet. The air conditioner makes small puddles of noise, bird song delicate and sweet dashes in and out of the window, small, easily missed. The dog’s snoring can only be found during a pause. The noise of my … Continue reading Silence Filled the Room

Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 3 – My Park Is Being Drowned.

Intoduction Daddy brought us today it was very exciting.  Grandma doesn’t like to drive in bad weather, I don’t blame her.  Daddy put swishy moaning things on the window, he called them window wipers but I knew they were dog scarers.  Perhaps Grandma should take away her window wipers and then she wouldn’t have to … Continue reading Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 3 – My Park Is Being Drowned.