Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Special – Spooky Stuff


Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 1 – Good News, KSP is Not a Vet.

Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 4 – No KSP, I’m being Robbed!

I’m going to write this stuff separately in case I scare off some of my more sensitive readers.

Grabbed by darkness
A woman is being grabbed by dark clouds and smoke

I have a secret to share, the house where KSP writers meet also has dead people living there. Do I mean living there? What do I mean? I am confused!

Anyway there seem to be dead people hanging around scaring spaniels.


Apparently Katherine Susannah Pritchard lived here so Katherine Susannah Pritchard may be one of the people here. Mummy tried to take me into her bedroom while she did some paperwork but I didn’t think I was allowed so I pulled on my leash as hard as I could and I stayed at the doorway while Mummy did things. It is good for her to learn how hard it is to get things done when you can’t quite reach what you want because someone is holding onto a rope tied to you. Maybe next walk she may be a little less bossy.

But the next week Mummy gave up on the leash when she went to do the paperwork and a nice dead person called me into the bedroom, they taught me to walk in a square with my head and tail in the air. I was regal King Charles Cavalier. Mummy watched in amazement. When I had walked the perfect square I went and sat at the doorway.

Mummy thought it was Katherine but the other ladies thought it was Hugo Throssell her husband. Apparently he was very good at training, horses mainly, I love horses too.


SANY0206 Catherine Holt Trot Test - crop
Not Hugo Throssell.  Cat doing something similar.

Week 3 was a bit different though; a thundery, blustery, day I was a bit on edge all day. Then when we were packing up there was something scary in the hall outside Katherine’s room. I ran into Katherine’s room and hid behind the nice dead person there, Mummy felt it too and she followed me in. Near the bed Mummy and I felt cold but safe, near the doorway was cold and prickly. When Mummy felt a bit better she did her paperwork quickly and we ran through the scary hall.




Of course, being all anxious Mummy hadn’t done the paperwork properly and had to go back. She let me not come but I saw her in the hall and the Scary was telling her there was something really bad behind Katherine’s door. Knowing there wasn’t, I Charlie the rescue Cavalier had to save her. I joined her in the hall and pushed her into the safe room.



The bedroom not the delicious and safe room pictured here later.

Isn’t that the bravest thing you’ve ever heard? Even Mummy was grateful!
As soon as she opened the door Mummy felt lots better and finished her paperworky stuff. But we didn’t really want to leave. It was a bit much to face the hall again.
Then Mummy heard one of the little things. We didn’t want one of the delicate little things meeting the hall Scary. I think that maternal instinct must have kicked in because Mummy picked me up and ran out, locking doors as she left.
We survived! In no small way thanks to the lovely kind dead person in the bedroom!



Hugo Throssell, Ric Throssell and Katherine Susannah Pritchard courtesy KSP Writers’ Centre


Thank you lovely dead person!

And to me, Super Cavalier!
Hooray Super Cavalier.

And Mummy was there!
Poor Mummy!

I hope you aren’t scared! Mummy says it is safe now and she used to be a Medium. Now she is an extra, extra large. Oops sorry Mummy!

0049 crop
This is actually what happened as far as Mummy and I can tell.


Spooky music. Slow fade. Demonic laughter and quick cut.


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