Advice for Training – Rabbits

In order to train first create a need, No affection given 'til you have the lead! True desperation should take about a week, Add a couple more; acting kinda meek. Offer glimpses of your fur as soft as silk, Your back of ashen grey, tummy white as milk. They'll soon work out your heart's key … Continue reading Advice for Training – Rabbits

101 Posts

Yesterday without even noticing I posted my hundredth post.  So many posts, so little content, Hurrah! So I am going to take this opportunity to fill you in on all the stuff I've been doing while my blog was hijacked by awards/challenges. It's school holidays, so there have been no school things to do, yah! … Continue reading 101 Posts

The Castle is Lost

It's the end, the beloved battlefield; Castle Cat, is finished.  Admittedly it is 3 years old and has been well loved, but recently pieces have started to fall down.  Probably not helped by repeated invasions by the rabbit brothers. With one big kick Whisper dislodged one of the perches so it was over.  Fortunately we … Continue reading The Castle is Lost