The Castle is Lost

It’s the end, the beloved battlefield; Castle Cat, is finished.  Admittedly it is 3 years old and has been well loved, but recently pieces have started to fall down.  Probably not helped by repeated invasions by the rabbit brothers.

Whisper on the cat tree. And yes Orion was in the rabbit hutch!

With one big kick Whisper dislodged one of the perches so it was over.  Fortunately we had already ordered a new one, and it arrived today.

Orion is mad about it.

But Smokie does not approve of newer, smaller replacements.  I wonder what he was thinking?  He could see the writing on the wall and had to be pried off his old beige palace.  Now he’s sulking:

Pixie is curious but scared of the new erection; it’s like she thinks something might jump out at her at any moment and viciously attack her… oh I get it now!

Echo doesn’t care either way.  Its not like the boys ever let her near it.

Gavin had to build it from scratch so dinner was an hour and a half late; shut up I was reading emails.  Anyway the youngest asked for some food (a tiny little snack) and loudly I offered her one of the really old jelly beans every 5 minutes her father didn’t start dinner.  Gavin has a real obsession with not eating food that is old even lollies, so I thought he would react and then I was distracted, anyway the child wandered off, so my problem was fixed.  Anyway eventually he stopped and the child returned and told her father I had given her a jellybean so I was made; while he prepared dinner, to throw away my entire old gross (actually they were kinda gross when we got them but I wanted the containers and they were on sale) jellybean collection.  So to save the containers I started emptying the beans into a shopping bag.  I thought I saw mold on one of the grape jelly beans and I said “wow these must have a lot of juice sugar doesn’t get moldy’.

The youngest went berserk and told her sisters that I had fed her mold.  They all berated me for the 25 minutes dinner took to cook.  Part way through I tried a jelly bean to see if they tasted moldy, it didn’t and then one out of her jar to double check and shut them up.  They got worse; and they took my jelly beans away because I wasn’t trusted.  Admittedly I couldn’t chew the third one because it was hardened.  So while they complained I went looking for something to take away the bad taste in my mouth, yum mint slice biscuit.  And on the way back grabbed some more containers right under their judgmental little noses.  By now they were offering to

Tell My Mother

Until their father explained that Grandma was worse and explained how out of date some of her food and medicine he’d just stolen from her was.  She is going to kill me when she gets home tomorrow and finds out I didn’t stop him cleaning her house.  Not him she loves him.  Anyway they took back the jellybeans again and they emptied the rest of the containers.  I know, I didn’t think it was possible either but apparently my daughters can be useful.

Anyway onto even more important news.

You know my horrible, unfriendly Chinchilla Giant rabbit brothers (the sister turned out to be a boy).  Who don’t love me, they only love Charlie & the kitten.  One of the reasons I really wanted to start gardening again is green grocers & other food shops just don’t cater properly for rabbits.  So I have been harvesting greens to tempt the rabbits to come to me.  At first they didn’t even sniff the greens so I began experiments to find their favourites.  They are in order; carrot tops, parsley, clover, bok choy (shops), sorrel and apple-mint.

The rat boys are divided 1 loves mint and eats lots, one loves it but will only eat 2 leaves, the other two hate it.  Rabbits will eat lemongrass, rats wait until someone is passing by to throw lemongrass at them.

Feb 2014 Rats 3

So yesterday I started phase 2; armed with carrot tops and parsley I held the leaves so the rabbits would have to let me near them to eat.  Whisper learned very quickly and was quickly eating from my hand, sure he tried to tug the leaves out of my hand but he tolerated me.  Mercury was too scared but nibbled a little from under cover with my fingers stretched out as far as I could.  I tried again later that afternoon and Whisper didn’t hesitate.

Then; drum roll please, when I was trying to feed Mercury Whisper put his forelegs on my knee and then he nuzzled my foot.  I fed Mercury and then offered Whisper some more.  After it was all gone Whisper rubbed against me and nuzzled my foot.  A big galumphing husband scared him off when he ran over.

But My Rabbit Tolerates Me!  Hurrah!

Finally because you have been good girls and boys pictures of Danger the axolotl.

TTFN Ta Ta For Now!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

7 thoughts on “The Castle is Lost

    1. We are getting some new babies soon, our rats are very old. In the past you get babies around now the old rats perk up and then the after a while the young rats look after the rats as they get old, cuddling, bringing food, grooming etc. They are amazing creatures. Thanks for visiting.

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    1. I have a few, but my husband is so resistant to getting more, if you don’t include fish, worms or the granny flat, I only have 14 (although I have approval on up to 6 more (1 more rabbit, 1 more bird & 4 baby rats for future geriatric carers). Hardly any! 🙂


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