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Yesterday without even noticing I posted my hundredth post.  So many posts, so little content, Hurrah!

So I am going to take this opportunity to fill you in on all the stuff I’ve been doing while my blog was hijacked by awards/challenges.

It’s school holidays, so there have been no school things to do, yah!

The second youngest has such good friends that they are capable & willing to take her to the sensory overload bonanza that is the Royal Show. An annual event that is officially for showing off agricultural products but has escalated into the biggest amusement park/marketing event of the year.  It still has a show for practically every domesticated species that can be found in the state; budgies to bulls.  There are competitions for cakes, wood chopping, shearing, preserves and all country jobs and crafts you can make into a competition or demo for city kids.  There are more rides than everywhere else in the state & all kinds of game machines.  Entertainers, characters, duck fashion shows and a country town and foreign city (1 of each, each year) are displayed.  And there are people selling all kinds of stuff; including ‘show bags’ originally a sample pack of products, you can still find some, now a character driven bag of stuff.  Every few years people complain about the over priced, plasticy junk and they massively improve the bags, they then slide in quality until the next big anti-show bag movement.  So you have to pick your year.

Anyway as I meant to say Tab’s friends are so nurturing they can support her through a meltdown; getting her safely to a lower stimulating area & ‘babying’ her and when she recovers they switch back to showing all the respect etc. of an equal peer.  That is amazing, that is so rare in adults.  The senior school associate principal has a definite hand in this providing information and support, actively trying to encourage diversity.

So I got a Doctor Who bag, Alex got an Assassins Creed bag and Tabby couldn’t find anything for Cat & Tash so I gave them cash.  Tabby got a Pokemon bag & a sample tin of herbal tea.  She had a fantastic day with her wonderful friends.  Her cheapskate boyfriend wouldn’t go and Tabby would not take my advice and dump him for the day and go out with one of the other guys (or girls I’m open minded) so she could get her stuff carried.  In her group couples move from hand holding to a (scandalous) closed mouth kiss sometime after the first anniversary, so it wouldn’t have been all that hard.  I then suggested she make Pikachu noises and cute faces at one of the guys who loves Pokemon, she was equally unimpressed.  Even when her sister and I demonstrated little paws under puppy dog eyed faces saying “Pika Pika” following her around the house.


Lots of people have come over to take our children away on their various adventures in learning how to appear human.  But unfortunately they keep bringing them back.  Cat is still loving her weekly Anime club and Alex, Grandma & I still love KSP writers’ circle even though that lazy Grandma still refuses to write one word; she drives us there and smacks us quietly if we get too carried away.  Sometimes she has an opinion that she whispers to me, I then announce it, point at her & we make her talk.

My Autism Association Coordinator R. had a great suggestion; we should plant a flower in memory of Val.  Unfortunately after so many years of neglect the garden needed a fair amount of fixing up first.  So I’ve been weeding, pruning & finally planting my little heart out.  One of the reasons I haven’t been posting is every time I made changes it would start to rain before I could take pictures.

Took pictures this morning:

Mum’s Arch memorial with Souring Spirit & China Doll climbing rose:

I found an angel face bush rose that I thought was appropriate too and a little water statue so we got that too.  Mum saw Blue wrens while she was staying at Val’s home after the funeral.

Tasha wanted something too and Grandma had bought her this Border Stars plant while we were shopping.
Frog for Grampy, Dolphin for Val.

We also got some replacement trees, lime and orange.

Although it turned out the lime didn’t need replacing.

So I went out with my camera and tripod to take photos, Grandma saw me and came out too.  She asked me what I was doing and I told her I was taking photos of the garden.  But I didn’t tell her “so don’t cut the rose buds off for vases before I get back from the bin”. So it was my fault when I returned to find the 4 loveliest blooms in her hand.  Honestly, about the only thing we both like is roses, but I like to leave them on the bush until they are “over” then harvest the dying petals, and she likes to harvest the buds and trap them in ugly little vases.  Why are we sharing a house?

The garden denuded of rose buds:

Oh and I gave Charlie his spring hair cut.  The poor baby had a bath, 2 1/2 hour hair cut and claws clipped then the two youngest (&I) sang the theme song from “Shaun the Sheep” to him.  Because he is a shorn sheep.

Before and After Pics.

I brought in some rose petals, clover and parsley for the rabbits, but Orion decided that my pretty things had to be guarded.  Horror of horrors he saw Mercury actually eat one of his Mum’s pretty garden things and that was it.  No rabbits were allowed near, and because we didn’t understand how he was helping he had to keep away from us while he was guarding.Cats!

So happy hundred to me and see you later to you!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

16 thoughts on “101 Posts

  1. Congratulations on passing 100 posts! That means doing them is integrated into your daily routine and (most likely), your readership will take a sharp increase at some point as people start noticing you are out there and have an interesting point of view. Best wishes on your blog journey!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. p.s. My blog is mostly about my two cats and rarely has much text. And you think your blog is thin for content! LOL! Yours actually is very interesting reading, very real. I sincerely do hope you find a strong following and feel encouraged to continue what you do!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Looks like we have a mutual admiration society going on here! LOL!

      That’s OK, though, as many of my favorite blogs are ones I learned about because a blogger commented on one of my posts, I followed the link back to their blog, and learned there was yet another really good blog out there that I wanted to follow! Yours, for example!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. So far I have only found other blogs by following back follows or comments, or following back reblogs. As to the mutual admiration you bet! Anytime one of my cats does anything vaguely interesting, so whenever they are in sight I keep thinking of you, Andy & Dougey. Keep up the great work and the sweet comments. 🙂


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