Exercising the Writing Muscles.

Yes the crazy characters at KSP Writing Centre are still letting me give real people exercises to do.  Here's last week's: To write about writing is such a drag The only thing worse is my facillitator’s nag Without a life of her own, she’s destroying mine! If I was asleep at home all would be … Continue reading Exercising the Writing Muscles.



Spring is the season of Pollen Relentless attacks without pause Fluttering into our faces Sneaking under closed doors. My face is terribly swollen My nose no longer drips Instead it oozes like molasses Until it inevitably slips. My eyes are perpetually itchy My throat and ears scratch and burn. My head is painful and heavy … Continue reading Spring!

Smokie – Mighty Hunter or Marshmallow Cloud

I'm Smokie; I'm a hunter! You will not see my like. I follow my prey to the ends of the Earth; Unless its a bit of a hike. My best move is to stay very still, And ambush things that pass. But I get bored quite quickly, If things don't happen fast. My sister caught … Continue reading Smokie – Mighty Hunter or Marshmallow Cloud

My darkness

As the pain deepens The chasm widens Every approach from either side Does some more damage The gulf more wide I speak to my children I try to explain Then fall back into habit and only complain They don't understand me To me they're a mystery The harder  we struggle The harder we try We're … Continue reading My darkness

The Other Woman

Why have you deserted me, why run to Her? Our life may be humdrum, but what's the great lure? Cherise was so loving, never far did she stray, Now at the Granny flat she tries to stay! I lost all my children; one, two, three, four... For the sweets or the freedom or perhaps something … Continue reading The Other Woman

Don’t Cry, Charlie

Charlie stop that whining the cat is not plotting your death, She's just lying on the sofa trying to catch her breath. Echo's such a lovely lady with sparkling emerald eyes. Hush now baby there's no need for all your plaintive cries. She wants so much to be your friend, you silly puppy boy. Echo … Continue reading Don’t Cry, Charlie

I Wrote A Poem; I Hate You All! – My family not my readers

I told my fish to stop their fighting & they bit each others tails. I told my kids to stop their fighting & my husband laughed in gales.   I asked the grey cat to please stop drinking my lovely cup of tea. Smokie looked solemnly at his water bowl then stared straight back at … Continue reading I Wrote A Poem; I Hate You All! – My family not my readers

A Peaceful Day

I love a peaceful Sunday morning! Waking up before the dawn. Washing hair to stop lice crawling Each a tiny little black prawn. Tabby tries to take an hour; Just to get herself clean, But when all 7 need a shower Her indulgence seems obscene. Then one must be driven miles away. To do homework … Continue reading A Peaceful Day

A Wanna Be Writer’s Lament

I wonder why I can't write A work to inspire acclaim! It isn't that I'm not that bright, Or have no talent to my name. With creativity I'm more than blessed. Wisdom floods right out my ears. Yet my writing never quite impressed. My lack of fame brings me to tears. But I finally realised what … Continue reading A Wanna Be Writer’s Lament