My husband wants to go to the dentist, Because he’s in such pain! I had a dozen abscesses last year; And you don’t hear me complain!   But my husband insists on a dentist, Old pliers aren’t good enough! I’m the only one in my family, Who can deal with a tooth that is tough!Continue reading “Dentist”

The Other Woman

Why have you deserted me, why run to Her? Our life may be humdrum, but what’s the great lure? Cherise was so loving, never far did she stray, Now at the Granny flat she tries to stay! I lost all my children; one, two, three, four… For the sweets or the freedom or perhaps somethingContinue reading “The Other Woman”

I Wrote A Poem; I Hate You All! – My family not my readers

I told my fish to stop their fighting & they bit each others tails. I told my kids to stop their fighting & my husband laughed in gales.   I asked the grey cat to please stop drinking my lovely cup of tea. Smokie looked solemnly at his water bowl then stared straight back atContinue reading “I Wrote A Poem; I Hate You All! – My family not my readers”

Advice for Training – Rabbits

In order to train first create a need, No affection given ’til you have the lead! True desperation should take about a week, Add a couple more; acting kinda meek. Offer glimpses of your fur as soft as silk, Your back of ashen grey, tummy white as milk. They’ll soon work out your heart’s keyContinue reading “Advice for Training – Rabbits”

Charlie’s Lament

When I moved to my new home, It was so big so much to roam. It felt all quiet and I was wary, I barked a lot when it was scary. The scaries fled before my bark I clung to mummy in the dark. Then came the best news of all; Grandma moved in justContinue reading “Charlie’s Lament”


To make an appointment we had to go, Sit at Social Security for an hour or so. Masses of people buzzing around, No eating or drinking signs abound. Alex was on her computer to try & stay sane, I had my writing pad to do the same, Mum had her Kindle, so she was alright.Continue reading “Waiting”

Mum’s Home Tomorrow

(I couldn’t read this earlier in case she sticky beaked from Victoria) Mum’s Home Tomorrow Don’t blame me! In vain I tried to fight To stop our errant knight But to me he pays no mind He’s just trying to be kind A chance he could see! Don’t blame me! The dragon’s flown the nestContinue reading “Mum’s Home Tomorrow”

Tabby Messes with the Wrong Mum

I don’t remember the first thing I noticed that Tabby had done wrong; I wish I could so I could tell her off.  But she and her little sister was off at school choir rehearsal for a big inter school performance trapping Gavin in Mirrabooka for 2 hours, and on Replacement Father’s Day too.  IContinue reading “Tabby Messes with the Wrong Mum”

I Hate School Fairs

In every part of my body I ache I’ve eaten all the chocolate cake I walked for miles to sell some books Braving the cold & disparaging looks And now my toils are all but done The profits are for another one “It’s for the kids” is the rallying cry I’ve done my part, soContinue reading “I Hate School Fairs”

Don’t Volunteer at Your Kids’ School

The Book Fair is coming by hook or by crook. Where students buy novelties instead of a book. We’ll make lots of profit but books & not cash. I’m so overwhelmed I’ve developed a rash! The library’s busy, so the fair has no home! The shelves are on wheels so the school we must roam.Continue reading “Don’t Volunteer at Your Kids’ School”