The Evil Plot Thickens or Thins or Something.

For those of you that are new to this blog, hi, welcome, it gets better I promise, and to old friends who may have forgotten, like me I’ve forgotten what I told you, although I don’t really consider myself a friend, I mean I have a truce but its not really observed all the time, whatever, and at the risk of boring some of you, if you remember my ramblings quite frankly you need a better life unless you have a really good memory, in which case greetings comrade sorry I’m letting the neurotypicals keep up, And now to finish the original sentence; I am going to tell you about my latest flight of fantasy.

I agree that last sentence was overly long but, that’s just how it came out and quite frankly I don’t have the grammar skills to improve it.  So suffer!  I had a primary school teacher who claimed that with my natural aptitude I didn’t need the grammar rules.  Shut up!  Despite my adult pathway into social security parasitism & failure I had incredible potential as a child.  I had every indication of going far in the world, the little eccentricities that eventually grew and controlled/destroyed my life were viewed as things I would grow out of not in to.

Anyway; what am I up to now?

As I may have mentioned before I have written two books; Substitute and Gossip.  They were written as a teen appropriate alternative to a social story for my youngest.  Education and therapy professionals who saw them gushed.  I deludedly thought about ‘doing something’ with them, of course nothing worked out.


A year later I was in the audience for a talk about publishing (KSP Writers’ Centre gets VIPs in to give presentations), being part of the admin of the place (volunteer) I thought an off base question would be elucidating and entertaining for everyone, I also felt there was a lull in questions.  So I brought up the weird genre defying niche product of my books.  Not only did the speakers encourage me, there was interest amongst the people from KSP.


KSP is launching a brilliant new service called Wild Weeds Press.  And after having my head blown up out of all proportion I begged to be a customer.  I was accepted, meanwhile the illustrator I had approached to collaborate with me had other commitments and when I went to the Wild Weeds Press meeting it was suggested I might save loads of money (I need 60 illustrations per book) if I illustrated myself.  They are sourcing a back up and consultant for me in case.

That is right, I now think I can illustrate.  But it is much, much cheaper, and it will mean I keep creative control of my project.  I may not be good but I think worse has been published.  I really need your feedback actually as I have to make a decision by the 15th of May as to which way I’m going.

Samples below:

On an ordinary

It’s just an ordinary day,
In an ordinary week.

Ordinary school

You walk into your ordinary school and—


Oh no!
Please no!
You have a…




What can you do?


Sometimes the substitute teacher would be great except your classmates, well…


& I mean more than usual!



I also heard from a Writers’ Group that series are best sold in threes so I have written a third ‘autism help thingy’ book call My Stuff or Stuff.  Please let me know what you think!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

5 thoughts on “The Evil Plot Thickens or Thins or Something.

    1. Thank you and you are always a help. There’s kind of a cat and mouse thing with welfare payments, people don’t want disabled people to starve but some people can get really angry if they think people on welfare are getting away with two much. We were on welfare when I was expecting my second child and my stepmother was livid that we dared to have a child when we weren’t self supporting.
      The whole disability, social services thing can be like that, professionals only want to help when you are on your last legs, if you start feeling a bit better they take away your supports until you break again. Every 10 months we have to go through tests to see what we can and can’t do. It’s humiliating but I still have hope.
      Your support means a lot to me, thank you.

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      1. I do not understand welfare systems. There are certain conditions that do not “get better”. It would save so much time and money to focus on new applicants and cases that are more variable. I am always amazed at the number of people who have such perfect lives and so much extra time that they take it upon themselves to judge the rest of us. Take care

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