Things I am Trying to do.

I was asked to do an interview, you can see it on the link below.  BTW while you are there make sure to read at least one other post, then I am sure you’ll subscribe.

Autism Kids On Tour

KSP News2393


After completing two short stories for last year’s Tuesday Writer’s Circle’s proposed anthology (still pending) I have just finished the first draft of a new short story for FiSh (Fantasy, Science Fiction and Horror) Group based on last year’s failed Spooky Story Competition entry.


As well as taking over facilitating Tuesday, Friday and 2 Sundays a week I agreed to do admin for a once a month Scriptwriters’ Group that is more like a full on workshop; deadlines, decisions and actually getting things done.  I am adapting ‘Welcome To Mothers’ Day’ to a dramatic 40 minute play.  No I don’t think its wise either!  And I have to have character summaries (1-4 pages each) plus research the location and time by next month.

I am still trying to illustrate my books and write/format no. 3; see The Evil Plot Thickens or Thins or Something.


KSP had an Open Day, Charlie and Alex both gave speeches that were very well received.  Charlie made me write his.  I made displays for the groups I facilitate and Gavin made cakes, so many cakes.


I have, without thinking, agreed to write 2 Book reviews.  Oddly enough with all these deadlines, I am getting so much done.

NDIA stuff.

PantherMedia 139922

This is supposed to be a family friendly blog (more advertising money for me not that I have seen any yet but then again I forgot how to use the app to check it) so I don’t think I am allowed to talk about the kids, therapy etc.


Ragnor is biting people


Anubis is now ruling all the pets except Pixie.

Pixie seems depressed and is moping.  Orion is mimicking Smokie.  We think they are both still grieving.

Charles firmly believes he is the Star of KSP and tries to get us to take him on non Fridays.


Biggggggggg News:

Gavin is doing DDP Yoga, Diamond Dallas Page Yoga.  It is so fantastic I can’t believe it.  He is shedding weight like you wouldn’t believe but his health and fitness are improving faster than his weight loss.  He is fainting less, getting more done, sleeping better and has a lot more flexibility.  He is also sticking to a rigid but healthy diet he invented that he loves, being less depressed is helping him stay on his diet.  Look it up, it is fantastic.

He’s convinced the kids to give it a go but doing exercise looks hard and that makes me sleepy.

Typing also makes me sleepy so I am going to stop now and say ‘Farewell’ until next time.


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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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