Neurotypicals May Be A Necessary Evil. Or  If Autistics Ruled the World! – Preamble

First my many disclaimers:

  1. I am responding to thoughts I have had regarding how hard it must be to be a neurotypical person and have most of your mind taken up with social, how can I put this politely, inconsequencies. And how the higher concentration of logic and ordered thinking available with the autistic brain could better cope with well, organising life.  This is not to say I hate all neurotypical people and that they should be rounded up and …   Some of my best friends are neurotypical.  I think they are my friends, they tell me I’m a friend, admittedly neurotypicals have all kinds of friendship rules and…  My mother is neurotypical, but I haven’t let that blind me, I am sure that is not absolute proof against them. (Ha Ha she doesn’t read this blog anymore so I am free to say whatever I like). My point is that this is not just another pointless rant against those poor unfortunates burdened by neurotypical brains (for the initiated normal brains as opposed to autistic or optimal brains).  In fact this argument may come out in their favour.  I haven’t thought this through yet, if I do I may forget the first part before I write it down, especially if it is depressing.
Grandma in between the Association ladies & Alex making sure her head is still there.
  1. All autistic people are not the same! Some of them are horrible.  I know, it’s hard to believe especially if I am the only autistic person you know.  I mean it’s not even that they don’t reach my standard of lovability; there are some neurotypical people that are nicer than some autistic people.  It just goes to show, you can’t always judge a person by their disability.  So I am writing this hypothetical as if all autistic people were like either me or autistic people I have met.  Due to therapy & activities and stuff I have met a few hundred autistic people, I don’t know them well, but I have been able to make observations.  I know there are autistic people that can hold down a job and go out in public without becoming ill, I have no idea how they do it,  I can not, my life is restricted by weird symptoms every day that limit every aspect of my life.  So I am not talking about those wonder autistics!


  1. I am allowed to pick on autistic people because I am one. I know that is the get out of jail free card on Political correctness, I have seen it on TV.  I can make fun of women, white people, autistic people, stay at home mums, people who live with their parents, pet owners and fat people.  I can so I will!

8096 angels

So much for the preamble but was I actually going somewhere,  Find out soon!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

14 thoughts on “Neurotypicals May Be A Necessary Evil. Or  If Autistics Ruled the World! – Preamble

  1. includes two of my all-time favourite photos of alex.

    you can never quite tell whose picture is by the tea though, is it kylie?

    neurotypicals can be recognised by certain obsessions, such as with everyday life, mass media, status symbols, sports, wealth– and most are gifted with some neurotypical ability, like being able to have an entire conversation based on the present and expected weather.

    they have a lot of needs that have to be catered to, for example they get uncomfortable and upset unless everyone else is dressed a particular way and pretends to act like everyone else– they have difficulty with anything outside their emotional norms. if they encounter someone acting differently than they expect, they sometimes get paranoid, aggressive or bossy and stop talking about the weather.

    neurotypicals are named for the evidence that there is a neurological cause for their behavior, although some people now consider the possibility that “typical” is merely a social construct.

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    1. Are you a specialist in the disability ‘neurotypicality? You seem extraordinarily well informed. Thank you so much for that clear and concise analysis.
      The photo is a signed photo of Rachel Beck, actress extraordinaire of screen but mainly stage in Australia, who Natasha was fortunate enough to not only meet but be part of a workshop with. It is a prized possession of the entire family. Yes, catch your breath, one of us spoke to Rachel Beck in person.

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  2. neurotypicals are also known for being very opinionated, and consider themselves experts on modern psychology and neuroscience. for example, many neurotypicals believe they can tell whether someone is autistic or not just by looking, and when an autistic person explains their status to them, they will frequently respond “i dont think you are.” in absence of a better explanation, we have to consider the possibility that there is some underground university where they all go to get credentials in this area, which they are in no haste to present (but insist on practicing.)

    among the known professional community, nts exhibit traits of ocd regarding diagnosis, second-guessing themselves annually and wondering along if people are “still autistic.” they are constantly checking, to the point where it can interfere with their daily tasks.

    “it depends who you ask– if you ask someone who knows and doesnt have the usual neurotypical obsessive second-guessing, i always was. but if you put it to a vote among the public, i never was and its also completely impossible. they all seem to think it is adhd, but they refuse to tell me where they went to uni.”

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    1. I believe that may be a common delusion to the neurotypical. They seem to be more confidence of their competence in areas they have no knowledge of. That is why the smarter and/or better educated ones seem so unsure of themselves and open to new ideas. The really severe ones are occasionally caught and put in hospital when claiming to be a doctor, but the mild cases are too widespread.

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  3. All that disclaimer and I kept waiting for the terrible things you were going to say… 🙂
    Personally I think you are right. So much of my emotional mess is due to the way I project issues on myself from perceived social norms and expectations. sigh.

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  4. I’m in labelling limbo, I’m not autistic however I don’t feel like I can be comfortably classed as completely neurotypical either (Adam agrees with this, he says I’m ‘not normal’). Having spent time with my family over the last few weeks, it’s definitely a hereditary trait, haha! miss you guys x

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    1. I don’t know. I am taking nominations from cats and dogs for honorary autistics. On my evidence you would make the grade, but I would need that reference from an expert that has known you long term.

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      1. Tell them there is not a high standard for paperwork, I’m expecting some from a Rottweiler and I’m sure Snoops and Kommando would know, Rottweilers are not known for their paperwork.


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