Neurotypicals May Be A Necessary Evil. Or  If Autistics Ruled the World! – To A World Without Neurotypicals.

Sorry about that but I got hot and I wanted a break and  Ta Dah I am back.

Read the Preamble first, hopefully it will make you less angry!


Imagine a world where all the neurotypical people have disappeared.  Like those TV shows that try to work out building collapse rates or evolution if humans disappear, assuming no accompanying cataclysm.

Like we didn’t eat them or anything, we just woke up one day and they weren’t there.  I know; the jerks built a spaceship in secret and left us behind.  Actually that couldn’t happen, can you imagine a space ship being built without any autistic people.  Snide snickering ensues!8095

Details, like reality only slow me down.   My OCD is telling me I need to work out all the kinks of the hypothetical but I can’t!  It won’t work, this can never happen, well at least not in any simple way that I could explain in this blog.  Besides what is the point in devising a plan to rid the Earth of the terrible disease of Neurotypical until we have ascertained if that is in fact the best option going forward.  So I will resist the desperate need to make sense and just skip:

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To a world without neurotypicals.


TV would be so different, you might get autistic people to watch reality dating or stuck in a house somewhere shows but I doubt you will find enough of us willing to appear or produce such shows.  Lots of panel discussions, lots and lots of reality shows about science and history and hobbies.  Probably less sport, there are many reasons.  There are many autistic people that watch sport, there are many that play sport but without buffers there may be a mass … well apply what I’m going to say about government to sport and yeah…  You’ll understand.  Drama will be of far better quality, but neurotypicals if they were still around wouldn’t notice the differences.  There are  autistic people interested in acting etcetera, in fact all the arts, but often the craft is all important and the cult of celebrity terrifying.  So many never make it in a career that is more about popularity (Ick, yuck, boo) than perfection of detail (fascinating, intricate, detail).  But with sensible fans that don’t really like crowds or silly stuff, who were content to wait for organised events, for rational conversations about character etc, fame no longer holds the same terror.


Yah art and entertainment is covered in our Utopia!

I think we could tackle most jobs, for every 10 germaphobes there is a sensation seeking garbage hoarder freak.  Real jobs that is, salesmen and advertising might change significantly.  Why lie?  “It’s really bad for you, but it tastes good and you don’t have to eat too much!’  there is a slogan I could understand.  Why would you buy something that is bad for you?  You may ask.  I do that all the time.  Are there people out there that believe the advertisers?  I eat and drink things that are actually poisonous all the time, sometimes because I have carefully weighed the risks, sometimes because… I dunno!  I can’t see too many people with autism knowingly making and selling a bad product unless it had an honest niche, cheaper, easier, tastier, niftier or weird.  So a lot of those jobs would go.  Sales staff would more often consist of people that really liked a range of products.  Obsessive interest would drive up the quality and usability of the goods available.


La la la, Paradise.

But as in any paradise a snake rears its ugly head.  And an Autistic Utopia is not that much different to anywhere else.

Governance, the serpent that destroys all.


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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

5 thoughts on “Neurotypicals May Be A Necessary Evil. Or  If Autistics Ruled the World! – To A World Without Neurotypicals.

  1. if all autistic people could just make a pact that the moon will be nt-free, i dont think they can get there on their own.

    we also need a way that people can become “honourary autists” so people that are sort of in the middle can join (after an evaluational period.) i know some nearly-autistic people you might want on your team.

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    1. Yes, yes and yes. All brilliant ideas. Alex’s autism extension school group (dropped by govt. cutbacks) used the idea of honorary autists with their rooms and it was great. Yeah honorary autists.

      Liked by 1 person

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