500 Reasons Why My Eldest is Wrong

Ha!  I have 500 followers!

By pure coincidence we were talking about blogging & Facebook at KSP Writer’s Circle this morning.  There is a guy there that is an incredible writer; he is writing one of the best books I’ve ever heard.  So he was talking to the real writers there about publishing etcetera and they told him modern authors needed a social media presence.  I hope this is okay to write about, how much is a Writer’s Circle like Alcoholics Anonymous?   Is there confidentiality, if I don’t mention names or the details of their books should I be okay?

I have 500 followers!  I am a leader!  I’m going to risk it!  Until someone tells me off.  Then I’m going to hide in my closet crying.  But for now I have 500 followers & I am invincible.  Even if I can’t spell invincible I have Spell Check as my shield.

What was I going on about?

Oh the conversation.  Anyway even though this was a proper conversation between grown ups that know what they are talking about, I had to join in.  I am irresistibly drawn to giving advice.  It is a sickness.  I have tried to cure it, wearing tight wrist bands, biting my lips (literally) and in this case getting my mum to take me to the meetings so she can hit me when I go too far.  She is an abject failure by the way; she almost never hits me unless I volunteer her to do things.  Anyway I chimed in & told him how wonderful blogging is; and it is.  I told him how I post the writing exercises and lots of other stuff and how lots of friendly people wish my daughters “Happy Birthday” and how wonderful it all is.


Imagine if he starts writing a blog and we link in somehow, OMG he is like brilliant and OMG.  Yes he is gorgeous but he’s married & I’m married and I forgot hubby proofreads (I love you darling), but that’s not why I’m gushing.  He is an incredible writer, and I’ve met him, and when words stream out of my mouth in cascading nonsense he doesn’t run away.  I asked my Mum; she says he could have run away if he wanted to.  There are 2 other ladies and 2 other guys on and off at this writer’s circle that are real writers too, but apart from one of the guys that hasn’t been there for a while they write in genres that don’t quite blow my mind right through the top of my head.  I am a terrible fan girl.  It’s because I am always surprised when grown up real people who can do stuff don’t tell me “Children should be seen and not heard”.


Back to the real world.

They also told him he needed a Face Book presence.  This time I managed not to share my opinion.  But I’m bursting so I will tell you.  Face Book is awful.  It is scary and confusing, with stuff all piled up on the screen and conversations that seem to start in the middle.  I hate Face Book.  Before, I couldn’t keep in touch with people because I wasn’t on Face Book, now I can’t keep in touch with people because Face Book is weird but people think I am keeping in touch because we are Face Book friends.  Oh!  That’s why I hate Face Book.  I should pay you guys for being a therapist!  Here is a picture of my dog!


I decided that I needed to celebrate 500 followers!  This is what happens when I don’t have a subject.  Or a keeper!

But the entire point of this post is:

Ha Ha Ha Catherine!  You were wrong, people are reading your mother’s stupid writing!  I am not insane or deluded!  Well ok I might be, but not about this!  People are so much more tolerant than you ever dreamed.


I have 500 followers!  Refusing to have anything to do with social media means Cat has none.  So I win!

You’ve read this post, I think you can tell I need a win, even this one!


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

18 thoughts on “500 Reasons Why My Eldest is Wrong

  1. Congratulations and well deserved, you always write well. That’s a lovely dog you have there and you’re right about Facebook, it is awful and I stay away from it too.

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    1. Thank you, thank you! That lovely dog is wicked, I believe your name is still on a long list of people who have offered to steal him from previous posts. Hiding under the bed with no electric devices appears to me to be the best way to deal with Face book.

      Liked by 1 person

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