Does This Mean I Can Only Reblog For the Next 200 Posts.

I may have lost control of this website. First the husband insisted on writing something I had to put on my blog. Then the evil Spawn got into the act. Then I learned it is polite to reblog other people’s work. Now an angelic support worker is sending in reports. And an evil; not toContinue reading “Does This Mean I Can Only Reblog For the Next 200 Posts.”

500 Reasons Why My Eldest is Wrong

Ha!  I have 500 followers! By pure coincidence we were talking about blogging & Facebook at KSP Writer’s Circle this morning.  There is a guy there that is an incredible writer; he is writing one of the best books I’ve ever heard.  So he was talking to the real writers there about publishing etcetera andContinue reading “500 Reasons Why My Eldest is Wrong”