I Can’t Log in to My WordPress Account

Well obviously I can. I just have. But…

Unfortunately I have a problem. I have previously pointed it out. Small things derail me.

So I open Microsoft Edge, something asks me if I want to log into my google account. I being a sensible normal person, immediately turn off my computer and have a nap. This happens a couple of times, then I build up the courage and push next and next and I am logged into my google account. Great done.


So I use favourites to get to my WordPress Account. The little dohickey that says ‘write’ does not appear. The ‘follow’ doohickey does appear. This is weird. My head hurts. I go to my email pagey thingy.

An ad appears telling me my Yahoo email thingamajig has changed. I panic and desperately click through to see what horrendous thing they have done now. Nothing, it is exactly the same as it was.


Well there is 999+ Unread emails because of the switch on nap thing, but the format hasn’t changed. The ad threatened that they were going to make my Inbox easier to tidy.

Now to those of you cynics, like my mother, who think I am a pessimist, I would like to point out that my original reaction was, fantastic, I really love tidy, organised files. Then I remembered that all computer changes in the recent past have been truly disastrous attempts to make things more ‘people friendly’ and as a non-people have progressively made the damn machine harder to use. As an Autistic I just don’t think the way that benefits from ‘people-friendly’ technology advances. Plus of course the inexorable crawl towards greater advertising revenue that is the less heralded but arguably more important advance.devil-standing-behind-office-worker-unfair-business-concept_M1hdfY0d

But there was no change, so I started sorting through the backlog of emails. And finally went on to someone’s website, and it was great so I went to push like. A popup invited me to sign in in order to squadgimo, you know interact stuff, which might mean I could push like and then the person might not think that I viewed but didn’t like. It worked, I pushed like but then my headache was blinding and I turned off the computer and had a nap.

Now every time I have to sign in to Google then sign into Yahoo. I know what to do but between having to do at least 6 extra steps and the terrifying advertisements telling me that both companies are making things better. I am scared.


I have just, well at the beginning of writing this, learned that I can get into my blog to write by going to yahoo mail, visiting someone else’s post, liking it, being told I can’t without signing in and then signing in and liking and then going to my website.

That is possible. I know that that system is possible.


But I feel like its cheating; piggybacking someone’s post to get to mine. I read posts when I read posts, I write when I write. Sometimes I read posts and get inspired to write something. I often read posts to relax after writing one. But this feels wrong.

And I know me. Smaller things than this have pushed me over the edge. I don’t know why this is happening. I feel out of control. I am waiting for the other shoe to drop. The next disaster. This makes me scared to read let alone write posts.

And then the headaches, the gastric upsets and the ‘naps’ lying unable to move except uncontrollable spasms, physically prevent me from doing anything. I’m scared but I’m going to fight this time. My husband, my psych and I all believe I am more emotionally stable when I write. So I will write. And pray that I work out what is happening soon.

Blue glowing book


I’ll let you know.

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

7 thoughts on “I Can’t Log in to My WordPress Account

  1. I very much related to you explaining how you shut the computer off when Google was pestering you on Edge. My motivation also seems to be hanging by a thin thread and anything inconvenient or distracting can ruin it.

    I also hope things will smooth out for you on WordPress. That seems like such a pain to go through to write a post.

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    1. I’m sure Gavin will work it out. I get too emotional about stuff like this. Motivation is a slippery beast, unfortunately computers are designed to distract us into shopping. Thanks for the comment, comments really make me feel like this stuff is worth it. Lets both keep going as best we can.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about getting into WordPress. Lots of people do it because they forget to sign into that first (me included). Good luck with the writing. It’s been good when you post it.

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