Hooray I’m back

What happened? I was locked off my website! My computer said it was unsafe, and wouldn’t let me over rule it and come here anyway. Am I unsafe? I mean I could understand when I was locked out of some sites that had stuff I was thinking of buying. That’s Gavin, fixing my computer asContinue reading “Hooray I’m back”

I Can’t Log in to My WordPress Account

Well obviously I can. I just have. But… Unfortunately I have a problem. I have previously pointed it out. Small things derail me. So I open Microsoft Edge, something asks me if I want to log into my google account. I being a sensible normal person, immediately turn off my computer and have a nap.Continue reading “I Can’t Log in to My WordPress Account”

Day 2

Hi, I’ve been reading other people’s blogs. This was even harder than writing a post. Why? Because I am crazy and was terrified that bad things had happened in my absence. But if I didn’t know about it it hadn’t really happened and everything will be fine. Hey, get off my back I don’t controlContinue reading “Day 2”

750 and 0

I have just realised; I have 750 followers, but no cake. On one hand I am seriously happy.  Long term, the growth of followers is important, like massively. I am reaching people, I am liked.  I mean like all this stuff is incredibly important and… But in the short term: I don’t have cake. NotContinue reading “750 and 0”

He Let His Mind Wander, Now People Will See It.

My husband has started a blog.  Oh I know you may recall that I actually made him a blog as a present; but its not that one.  He is still ignoring that one; but do I feel bitter?  Yes, yes I do, very bitter, more bitter than usual if you can believe that. It isContinue reading “He Let His Mind Wander, Now People Will See It.”

I Am A Sell Out

That’s right!  The lure of Midas has claimed another victim.  I have not only agreed to host ads, I have changed my site to please Mammon. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!! Lele’s getting mon mon! Seriously though I know it won’t be much. But if you knew the number of people I m saying “Shut Up” toContinue reading “I Am A Sell Out”

5 Days Ago

No this is not just a quirky name.  I like quirky names, don’t you?  They kind of cheer you up when your life is ebbing down the drain.  They are the tinkle and gurgle that makes you laugh hysterically before the men in white coats tighten the staitjacket & give you the nice pills. MmmmContinue reading “5 Days Ago”

Team Foxie – Foxie’s Adventures in Kalbarri

The lovely and angelic support worker Faye came back on Monday, Charlie was so happy! Apparently she didn’t have internet access during her holiday so we all had to wait until they got back. It’s been ages, so if you need to catch up: Cyranny’s Cove List of Amazing Race Posts World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamFoxieContinue reading “Team Foxie – Foxie’s Adventures in Kalbarri”

Does This Mean I Can Only Reblog For the Next 200 Posts.

I may have lost control of this website. First the husband insisted on writing something I had to put on my blog. Then the evil Spawn got into the act. Then I learned it is polite to reblog other people’s work. Now an angelic support worker is sending in reports. And an evil; not toContinue reading “Does This Mean I Can Only Reblog For the Next 200 Posts.”

Team Foxie – Foxie’s Continuing Adventures

First things first this is a continuing saga; ie The World(press) Amazing Race.  In order to understand the following ‘episodes’ must be reviewed first: Cyranny’s Cove List of Amazing Race Posts World(press) Amazing Race… #TeamFoxie He’s Arrived – The Amazing Race When Rene the Fox arrived he was looking forward to attending my birthday party. […]