I Tried Teachering Sumting to Tablet at KSP

And she actually wroteded sumting so I are a superer teacherer.

And dis’ is what she wrotered:

“Lita! Wait!”
Lita turned at the voice to see Nadia swiftly moving through the crowded market street toward her.
“What is it?” Lita asked the young cat girl. Nadia took a moment to catch her breath before replying, “I heard you left the dragon knights.”
“Why? You always seemed to enjoy being a knight.”
Lita simply shrugged, “It was my decision. But Nadia, please stay out of trouble. The next time you steal someone’s money, you won’t get off so easily.”
Nadia’s concerned frown turned into a cheeky smirk, “You say that every time you catch me.”
“Yes, but the next knight that catches you won’t be so sympathetic.” Lita turned to walk away, but Nadia grabbed onto her cloak. “Wait! Where are you going?”
Lita pulled her cloak firmly from Nadia’s grasp. “I’m leaving town.”
“Since I’ve left the dragon knights, I’m going to go out and be a quester.”
Nadia’s face lit up. “I’ve heard about questers. They go on adventures and help people out.” She giggled, “And get lots of money for it. This will be fun. Let’s go”
“No, Nadia I’m going alone.”
“But, it’s dangerous to go alone.’
“I prefer to be alone. Less people to watch out for. More time to myself to think.” Lita patted Nadia on the head. “Goodbye, and remember, stay out of trouble.”
Tears started to spring up in Nadia’s eyes and her ears went down against her head. Lita once again turned to go, but Nadia grabbed on to her waist. Lita tried to pry her arms gently off, but Nadia’s grip was firm. “I won’t let you leave. Not unless you take me with you.”
“Why? We only know each other because I kept catching you.”
“You were always so nice to me. You understood how hard up I was and let me go. You would talk to me about all sorts of stuff. You’re my best friend, Lita”
As Nadia sobbed into Lita’s cloak, Lita felt herself start to cry. She realised that she felt the same way. Nadia was like a friend or a little sister to her and she couldn’t stand to leave her on her own. Lita smiled. “Okay. You win. You can come with me.”
Nadia looked up at Lita and smiled back.

Dis’ is da Tablet:9952 crop

Dis’ is da rest of da class.  Da one in the middlest is bery naughtiest and will not write all sensibubble like da others:



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