Evil Money Grubbing Loon Turns Professional Beggar.

Help I need Mon Mon.

Money 3544.JPG

Remember I wrote some books to help my youngest and foolish people encouraged me, and I insanely decided to try and publish them.  If you need a reminder read Things I am Trying to do.



So needing a new old car and trying to save the front garden has dwindled our funds.  There is only so much money you can trick your kidults into not noticing you’ve pinched after all.

I am so going somewhere, asking for money is alien to me.  I am a Stenning we give money, we don’t ask for it.  I am a Bissett we’d stubbornly die rather than admit we spend money. Unfortunately I am on limited means due to the whole Clinical depression, autism, complete loon, unable to give away my volunteer services, unemployable mess I find myself… well being.


Unlike most of my posts with are of course erudite, straight to the point, concise works of genius. See this is just the same meandering mess I normally write so stop complaining. I will get there.

And here I am.  Please consider donating to my GOFund me page if you feel you want to.  No pressure.

I mean I know I eventually want to be a writer. I want to be a lot of things like a good mother for instance but I’m not putting a lot of faith in it. (I accidently typed monster instead of mother which I think is a genuine reflection of my personal truth). Any who, I may want to be a writer but that’s about the novel I keep forgetting to write not this stuff.


This project is all about my personal arrogance in thinking I have the answer to some common problems faced by teenagers with autism.

  • Substitute teachers and the insanity they unleash
  • Gossips, why have the other teenagers gone insane
  • Stuff, why should I not kill people who touch my belongings.

But after all the praise went to my head and then I tried to remember that I am not actually… you know a real, proper, competent person I could not rid myself of these persistent thoughts:

I really think my books might help and I want to get copies into the hands of autistic teenagers.


He begs better than I do.


I can afford to publish black and white versions of the first two at a huge stretch.

$1000 would get the third one done.

$4000 would get beautiful, full colour illustrations and a larger print run so I can give free books to illustrious professionals and get some publicity behind these books so that one day a book might get into the hands of a teenager with autism.


Then that teenager can breathe a sigh of relief and realise that he/she/it is not crazy, ‘normal people’ are, and here is a clear set of ways of dealing with them.


My dream come true.


Otherwise I will just have helped my own child.



Ewwwww my children are icky!

Please send me money or better yet enquire into pre-ordering one of my books.

If the teen in your presence is reading they are less likely to be doing teenagery things.  Think about it!


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Look at how my little star engages with the audience immediately with strong, intimate eye contact. Tash does deranged well, too; she’s a natural.

If you know Tash do not let her know what I have done! I insulted her hairstyle yesterday and I need some time before I upset her again or she may, finally, kill me.

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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