Teens, Tantrums & Technical Difficulties.

Friday Night Attack of the Terribly Twisted Teens

After a last minute panic; no one had informed the fish or Danger the axylotl of the impending invasion.  Plus I owned glass markers and had only annoyed the kids a couple of times with them.  So obviously I wrote on all 3 tanks (backwards so they could read it) ‘A Party!’, so they would know what was going on, then I wrote (teens are easily confused) what was in each tank, and ‘Happy Birthday Tabby’ so they would remember.  Then I wrote Happy Birthday on a couple more glass things but they advise you not to give outward signs of a party to crashers so I didn’t.  I wrote “Tabby’s House” in case they got lost, from our car to the door is at least a couple of metres so one or two may have skittered off (Gav & Mum drove most of them here from school.  Gav did ask me why on earth anyone would crash a Tabby party but as I told him if they crashed and then realised we would have bored, grumpy dangerous strangers at our house.

So the important stuff was done.  The dogs, cat, rats & birds had to be moved because of allergies and phobias and piffle.  Tabby refuses to see sense and demand mandatory antihistamine use amongst her friends.  As I told them, I’m allergic to pet hair and I have a feather phobia yet you don’t see me let that get in the way of our pets free and unrestricted use of their own home.  But how can I expect her to understand when Alex still thinks its okay to bar pets from her room just because they break her stuff.  And Gavin doesn’t let Mum’s Marley come over & mark every inch of our home as his.  More of this later.

Running from terrible teen attack.

Kids these days I’m appalled.  They spoke directly to me as if I was there when I welcomed them in.  They asked ME questions; about how I was, and I still haven’t worked out what they were after.  I told Tabby where I’d left my oracle/divination stuff that she wanted to show her friends (over 150 Tarot/Oracle cards +), and they expressed their interest.  Polite, well behaved, supportive, friendly, neat; I could go on but I think you’ve got the picture.  Aren’t you shocked?

They had the front half of the house with the pool table (from Mum’s old house) 2 game consoles, music or TV.  They could look at my oracle, rock, Star Trek, Doctor Who or Sci Fi collections, we left bags of chips, lollies, fruit and a big salad platter, the kitchen fridge was filled with drinks.  One girl politely asked my husband if she could have a juice as he walked through, they had been told to help themselves but she wanted to make sure so we announced it. Tabby’s word wasn’t quite enough for these hyper polite young people.

So with all these electronics the kids played pool, played with my cards, talked and then played an imagination type game as a group using their voices and minds.  They cleaned up after themselves.  The only problem we had was when we needed to stop them to get their pizza orders and to have the cake.  The two problems remembering what I was there for when they started charmingly talking to me and getting their attention when they were having so much fun.

Tabby had asked for her little sister & some of her friends to be invited because she said all her friends thought Tash was cute.  But as it turned out the middle school dance was the same night.  When Tash was all dressed up I let her ask Tabby what she thought and those sweethearts built her esteem right up.  Tasha had a ball at the dance; jumping on and off stage with her 3 great friends (all boys) all dancing.IMG_20160902_172159


But I realised at 10:15 the only problem would be the kids missing the knock on the door because their game was still going.  So I slipped through to the front door munching on pilfered party snacks, sadly carrot & celery sticks & one lolly; I clearly wasn’t in my right mind.  I let in the parents calling each teen out when their lift arrived, the remainder started to clean the house, can you imagine?

So all we had to do is move the furniture back into place (we had moved it) and move our junk back, they even took down our decorations for us.  Phenomenally fantastic night for everyone, except for….. the TANTRUM!

Smokie the cat was soooooo angry at not being allowed to attend.  Instead of sitting nicely with us he cried at the door.  Every time he heard Tabby (his 2nd favourite person) he yowled loudly & angrily.  He showed his displeasure at his two favourites; Tabby for not letting him in, Dad for not letting him out; by toileting on their clothes in the laundry!

Tantrum 2 & 3 only just happened.

YRU Here? Photo op, Pop!

Tantrum#2 Orion when he saw us take a camera & try to take a picture of Smokie for this post.  Orion belongs in all photos.

Tantrum#3 (A joke tantrum) Cat thinks she spent too much money on toys at the Sci Fi Expo thingy.  Hear that boy (over 20) nerds she’s a girl who owns scifi toys, she’s joined an anime club and she’s SINGLE.  I love playing matchmaker, of course that’s not what I’m doing here, I also love messing with my kids.IMG_20160904_200132

And finally technical difficulties.  You may remember I have been raving about the follow up Blogging workshop I was looking forward to.  Well, you guessed it technical difficulties; the big pond connection we were using went down just as the last person set up and we were ready to start.  It was hilarious, unfortunately my reaction was not common.  It took 45 minutes and we ended up using the facilitator’s mobile’s hot spot.  Then it turned out the 5 of us were all over the place in terms of knowledge.

So we started by all making a WordPress Website.  Then we had to get appropriate email addresses & passwords and things.  I thought that it would be a pity to put all that work in for nothing.  Gavin could use a website, he needed more incentive to write.  So I used his email and then had to call him and get him to confirm.  He didn’t even ask why, he’s so trusting.  Unfortunately there were a few more tech problems little ones, but I may have had spare time.  Okay I impersonated my husband and created the kind of website I thought he would like.  If you want to see it hurry because I doubt it will be up long besides the instructor will die of shock if one of us gets a hit before the next class.

Hubby’s New Site.

Don’t blame me I was a little bored.  Anyway I had a brilliant time and learned some stuff.  So warning I will be refurbishing my entire blog and fixing all my old posts, I don’t know what will happen, so apologies in advance.

You may quote my new catchphrase:

“Don’t blame me I was bored!”

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

6 thoughts on “Teens, Tantrums & Technical Difficulties.

  1. My goodness – I’m in complete and utter awe of you and your family… What an amazing crew! And as for your dog Charlie…. awwwww – he reminds me of my previous King Charles Spaniels – totally adorable!! x


    1. Thank you so much and welcome. My support worker and Charlie’s favourite person has two King Charles Spaniels too, Charlie likes Indie’s photo but ignores Poppy’s (older & grumpy) they really are like little fuzzy people aren’t they! 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. They absolutely are! I’ve had 3 over the years (my first was called Charlie too – we found him whilst walking home from work one night.. long story but he was never claimed). My last one though was Holly (named because she was a very big and beautiful surprise Xmas present from my husband) – a present which bought us 16 years of love and laughter but sadly she died 2 years ago… and is still missed but not by Dolly who has been with us for 7 years and enjoys the undivided attention! Great to meet you and your family and sorry about long reply to comment.. oops I can talk!! x

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi, Lisa. You’ve certainly got your hands full with kids and pets, but I suspect you wouldn’t have it any other way, Tabby’s birthday party looked like lots of fun and Tasha evidently enjoyed her middle school dance. Your pets are adorable. We had a houseful of pets, too, when all my six kids were at home, I miss those days. Lovely to meet you and your tribe, by the way. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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