With Spirit Part 4

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Wal halted at the front door, “I don’t like this!”

“Lea, it looks like you little friend Wally is berry scared.  As his Mummy isn’t here go get him some milk & cookies to settle his ickle tummy,” lisped Sean.

Paulo warned he could definitely feel something too, but Sean wasn’t having any of it.  All the research confirmed that ghosts don’t kill people.  Add to that Sean had all the sensitivity of a brick and wouldn’t have felt anything of the spirit realm short of the afore mentioned brick being dropped on his head.

Josie remembered another appointment.  Must be an appointment with a cosmetician thought Jerry as she had developed a real quick case of pale as a sheet.  Or was it pale as a ghost?

Lea hadn’t said much, Jerry was reluctant to interrupt her she looked pale & pensive. But Sean was well he was Sean.

“Sean I really wish you wouldn’t…” Lea trailed off.

Jerry could see there was more to this than her usual reluctance to confront, well anyone really.  Lea was distracted, even worried maybe.

“Sean, I don’t like this, it’s not right!” growled Jerry, maybe if nothing else his age, his experience would sway he “great producer”.

Sean just gave a snort of derision.  Sean didn’t demean himself with physical labour; he preferred the role of supervisor the better to continue his long term love affair with the sound of his own voice.  He leaned on Mike’s work bench surveying his fiefdom with a self-satisfied smirk.  For him keeping the guys in line with constant reminders of his superiority was a vital part of his job as producer.  To sum it up; Sean was a smarmy git.

Mike started setting the baselines, but soon stopped.  Mike had done this a few times before; like a hundred or so, so he knew what he was doing.

“Sean, the baselines are weird, it’s; like this place is packed with spirits already!” warned Mike.

“Ebenezer Scrooge is coming to get us!” laughed Sean.

“Jesus, Sean, do you watch your own show!” snapped Wal.

“Casper & friends need a little jockeying up!  C’mon Lea, you know if the show is going to keep up its ratings we need to keep amping up the excitement.” Sean enthused with all his usual slime.  He didn’t even notice Lea hadn’t moved in over 10 minutes.

Paulo hadn’t even finished setting up the boom when the odd sounds began; as usual it started with sounds that could be natural.  The moaning and whispering could be the wind; the footsteps could be settling sounds.  Even so it wasn’t even dusk yet, still light outside, too soon for even the mild spooky stuff.  It wasn’t long before the moaning became loud and eerie, there would have to be some real weird shape of pipe or hollow to create that sound.  Then the scratching…

Mike argued with Wal, “I’m having enough trouble finalising a temp. baseline without having to redo it.  Lights first, I need’em now, man!”

“Wally, get those cameras rolling before you even think about anything else,” ordered Sean.  “If anything happens we ain’t gonna take a chance on missing it!  Perfect lighting, temperature changes, humidity that junks window dressing!”

Lea still hadn’t moved a muscle, except her exquisite lips; her mouth moved constantly as if she was speaking, silently.  Wal asked her if she was okay.

“Romeo, that’s my Juliet you’re wasting the time of,” sneered Sean.  “Get back to your work, can’t ya see she’s concentrating.”

“Sean Turbin, big man huh, you really don’t give a shit about anyone do you,” Wal’s voice left no doubt about his contempt.

“Lea is my fiancé, little man!  You better accept that or start begging some other producer for a job!” smirked Sean.  “She’s all mine and I decide what she needs and who she doesn’t.  You!  She don’t need, I put in for a new camera monkey a couple a weeks ago.”

Paulo was just quietly loathing their producer, you know like usual wishing for something really horrible & preferably fatal to happen to him, when they all heard it.  A heavy knock, the sound echoed like a crack opening through the room, they could still feel that knock after the sound was no longer audible.

Mike, usually cool & efficient an extension of his beloved instruments, was unravelling fast, “I never got a decent baseline, I mean not a realistic one, but the temp is plummeting even from the ice house we started at!”

Part 5

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