With Spirit Part 8 The End

Part 1 here Lea stood up gingerly, the woman perched beside her rose with her supporting her.  Jerry thought his heart would burst; Lea was alive.  He quickly looked around and sure enough the 3 guys on the floor were all moving, they were all starting to get up.  None of them were dead!  HeContinue reading “With Spirit Part 8 The End”

With Spirit Part 7

Part 1 here Wal was torn; if he kept the camera working and got enough footage Sean might let them all go, but he wanted to protect Lea, he felt he needed to be beside her. Paulo crouched near his surviving equipment, oblivious to everything but the shrieking noise that had started shortly after thingsContinue reading “With Spirit Part 7”

With Spirit Part 6

Part 1 here Lea was definitely at the centre of the orbs’ movements over the last few hours the room had filled completely except for one corner: the corner behind the hallway’s open door.  But even though the crew seemed oblivious to them; the loud noises had not abated.  Crashes, bangs and the sound ofContinue reading “With Spirit Part 6”

With Spirit Part 5

Part 1 here Sean was an arrogant shit, he rolled his eyes; as if he needed to be told it was cold.  He signalled Lea but she didn’t even look up.  He didn’t notice, he was confident of his control over his little star, he barked she jumped.  He checked if everyone was ready toContinue reading “With Spirit Part 5”

With Spirit Part 4

Part 1 here Wal halted at the front door, “I don’t like this!” “Lea, it looks like you little friend Wally is berry scared.  As his Mummy isn’t here go get him some milk & cookies to settle his ickle tummy,” lisped Sean. Paulo warned he could definitely feel something too, but Sean wasn’t havingContinue reading “With Spirit Part 4”

With Spirit Part 3

Part 1 here Andrew Piquot had been the architect, initially he’d designed a magnificent building that would afford superb, sweeping views; especially from the 3rd story attic’s many windows.  The plan reflected the owner’s wish for a very big house, rather than a small mansion.  The house was to be stunning from the outside butContinue reading “With Spirit Part 3”

With Spirit Part 2

  Part 1 here “Sean is just a jerk!” Jerry told Lea on the rare occasion bile overwhelmed tact.  “He’s just using you, honey, you owe him nothing.  Can’t you, I don’t know, sense that he’s no good, that he’s lying to you?” “Jerry, psychics have trouble reading for themselves,” she replied, tearfully, the lastContinue reading “With Spirit Part 2”