Nothing Mean About A Well Known Brand

It happened again, a Windows 10 Update kidnapped the soul of my computer leaving me bereft and alone, with only my family & pets for company.  I know I’m playing with fire.  But I’m using a sneaky title, and someone else made a complaint post about WordPress and they are still blogging.  If something happensContinue reading “Nothing Mean About A Well Known Brand”

Help My Computer Has Been Hijacked by Windows 10 Anniversary Update!

My beloved computer was hijacked this morning.  I turned it on and without any warning it began an update.  It has been 8 hours of black screens & blue flashing lights with no sign of change. I am desolate.  I have been writing with paper & ink; in this day & age its, its, itsContinue reading “Help My Computer Has Been Hijacked by Windows 10 Anniversary Update!”