Help My Computer Has Been Hijacked by Windows 10 Anniversary Update!

My beloved computer was hijacked this morning.  I turned it on and without any warning it began an update.  It has been 8 hours of black screens & blue flashing lights with no sign of change.

I am desolate.  I have been writing with paper & ink; in this day & age its, its, its primitive.  I even resorted to cleaning my house (okay only a little bit).  Mainly I have despaired!

Well actually I have despaired and written prose and poetry about Microsoft.  But I’m too scared to publish in case there are repercussions.  Not that there would be retribution from such a wonderful and reputable company (if you never see me again you know what has happened).

And I was invited to a blog party thingy and I’ve never been.  Now I’m stuck on a stupid (I mean lovely, hardworking) borrowed computer, without access to my pictures or files or favourites.  And no mouse; yes I admit it I’m a troglodyte I use a mouse, touch pad thingies are weird and confusing.

I only have a brief time left to call for help!

Today my computer, tomorrow my mind.  Actually I have a really searing headache; is that Windows 10 starting to update?

Help before its too…


46 thoughts on “Help My Computer Has Been Hijacked by Windows 10 Anniversary Update!

  1. Oh dear? You… you CLEANED UP. and Wrote with PAPER AND INK….?!?!?! And you’ve haven’t used your laptop for OVER 8 HOURS?!?! How r u still sane?

    No but jokes aside, I really hope your laptop gets fixed because my phone is broken right now and it really sucks.

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  2. Whew! Did it hurt? Did you recognize the scribbles on the page? “The page!” Did you get paper cuts? Ink smears on your fingers?

    Believe me, I feel for you! I’ve been there, and it was horrific! Anyway, this too shall pass, and you will be smarter and braver for the experience.

    I use a mouse, too, because an update on my computer and laptop wiped out the driver or something for the wireless mouse on one, and the touch pad on the other. Both are operated with wired mice/mouses now, a step backwards, thanks to Microsoft’s step “forward” on Windows 10.

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  3. We have to organise how many days of silence before we know that the other has been kidnapped by Microsoft & ‘volunteered’ for their new soft software experiments. I’m at 3 days. (Also considering my mouth at high risk). Counting on you!


  4. ugh! Microsoft! I only have my desktop left with Windows and I made sure that it would not update from Windows 7 to Windows 10. everything else is an Apple product; laptop, iPhone, iPad. I will get a new Mac desktop just as soon as my Dell dies but it refuses to die.

    hang in there.

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    1. Are Apple less villainous I’ve always been told Apple was the more evil. But I may be too autistic to change. My computer suddenly snapped back to working now (only 8 1/2 hours) it’s just a matter of bug hunting and seeing what’s been lost. Thank you!

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    1. If you have Windows 10 you may get a compulsory surprise upgrade. My computer is alright now, I just hate change plus it took so long to upgrade and seemed to be broken; no explanatory messages. But my husband looked it up while we were waiting and some people’s computers jammed for 24 hours or longer. So check it out, but don’t panic it will be a lost time thing not an expensive repair. Good luck!

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    1. It escaped at the 8 1/2 hour point but had to leave it’s mouse driver behind. It has been reassured hut my husband hasn’t let me give it a soothing cup of tea. I should probably download a tea image to soothe its poor shattered nerves. We won’t get the full story for a while not until the trauma dies down.

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    1. Actually I also used opening & closing the CD drawer which made the light flash faster & thumping it. I’m old fashioned I believe all electronic equipment needs thumping. But yes usually the husband is my best bet!


    1. Oh oh this doesn’t bode well. Okay if you are going to lose your mind get a puppet that way if you are talking to yourself in public small children will be less frightened; mine is a meerkat named Scramble who is at war with my Mother who locked him in the car so he couldn’t go to a meeting. In other words I hate to tell you this but… If you have windows 10 prepare yourself. But as I told Kumar don’t panic, as in Bo Peep, leave it alone and it will come home leaving its mouse driver behind it.

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  5. I have a good friend at Microsoft…. I complain bitterly to him constantly about their updates… mine always seem to reset my preferred web browser.ugh. But as to the pen and paper thing… That is the secret of my writing.. it is all Pen and Paper before I ever put it in digital form.. only the best stuff gets transferred to my blog

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    1. Actually that was the only stretch of the truth, I do a lot of my writing on notepad in pencil or pen. I can write anywhere that way. I am actually the only person in my writer’s circle that doesn’t bring their lap top. Complain to your friend at Microsoft for me! Thanks.

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  6. I hate Windows 10. It was foisted on me before I realized I could have rejected it. And I have the same issues. Danged updates. Yesterday my laptop went out for hours. A blurb at the bottom of the screen said “This may take awhile.” Screw you Windows f…ing 10. I threatened it with my empty coffee cup and the danged thing came on. Damn.

    Well, take a deep breath and I wish everything works out for you.

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      1. No need to be sorry, I loved your comment! And yes he has lots of practical experience he’s the extended family tech man! Thank you for bothe your comments, it was great to hear from you and all’s good!


    1. It’s alright the post was meant to be funny. It’s how I coped with the problem; I got a poem & 2 short pieces of prose + the post. I read them to the kids & pets, I’m just too scared to post them in case my account is punished.

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      1. Yes, I figured it was meant to be funny, and it was! That’s what I do with problems. Make funny stories from them if I can. What do you mean by your account getting punished?

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      2. I’ve heard rumours that facebook accounts etc can be taken down if they contain complaints about powerful companies. I am a bit worried, I’d hate to lose my website because someone at a big computer company took my humour too seriously. But then I’m autistic with anxiety disorder so it is vaguely possible I am being too cautious.


    1. I don’t know enough about computers to make sensible decisions about what system to buy. All I know is the one I liked years ago won’t open Therapy or govt. email attachments. I don’t know!


    1. I have 2 of those I must not be using them right. It looks like I’m over due for another computer lesson. Unfortunately my teacher/husband finds it easier to just change my computer while I’m asleep than to teach me how to use it! He also parents while I’m asleep! I have just noticed a problem; I am going to go and confront my husband. Seriously thanks I am going to have to check out this stuff. 🙂

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    1. I am so sorry, you got lost in spam, I’ve been trying to keep up. My main dislike was my lack of choice, and the fact that I couldn’t use my computer for hours and didn’t know why it was happening. This latest update is weird but not too bad. Your question was very polite I am only sorry I missed it. Good luck to you!


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