Agoraphobia. Part 1

Crazy or A Truer Kind of Sanity. I think the constant enemy of the Autistic parent raising Autistic children is the knowledge; deep within your soul, that you would all be happier alone (together) locked up in your house. Home is lovely; strong & solid.  Calming shades of blue, marine & purple; tones that reduce … Continue reading Agoraphobia. Part 1

I’m Out

Just when I think I am getting my life together, everything goes wrong.  I feel like a capable adult, I think like a capable adult.  I make complicated plans; based on a broad knowledge and intelligent reasoning, I have the skills to do many things extremely well.  But I never get anywhere.  I can't get … Continue reading I’m Out

An Issue of Trust

Trust has always been difficult for me, its probably my autism again; but to be perfectly frank my mother hasn't helped.  Not her fault but like many parents; myself definitely included, my mother has tried to protect me from possible harm.  I love her for it but I think she may be wrong this time. … Continue reading An Issue of Trust

Don’t Volunteer at Your Kids’ School

The Book Fair is coming by hook or by crook. Where students buy novelties instead of a book. We'll make lots of profit but books & not cash. I'm so overwhelmed I've developed a rash! The library's busy, so the fair has no home! The shelves are on wheels so the school we must roam. … Continue reading Don’t Volunteer at Your Kids’ School

Writing Nonsense In My Sleep!

I have recently discovered a new super power.  When I am sleepy I can spin words into nonsense. When I was a child and last week my mother could always tell when I was overtired, because I would become chatty; animated, fun and chatty.  Alcohol works as well but there's a family history and  well … Continue reading Writing Nonsense In My Sleep!

Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 2

Part 1 here But lately as my two youngest reach the age that it all fell apart for the older two I am starting to feel a frustration at these events.  I am afraid it is my internal conviction that my girls are talented but will never get anywhere. It is very disheartening to see … Continue reading Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 2

Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 1

A child on the school stage plays a wrong note.  Ha, triumph; this will teach you to steal my child’s limelight.  A second bad note, oh my God, that poor child!  How can I be such a monster?  She’s my child’s friend! But I feel that my kids need to be seen.  They need their … Continue reading Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 1

The Secret to Writing Really Long Posts

1.Drivel; don’t clutter up your writing with information or even intelligent thought or opinion. Ideas take up space in the brain of the reader & stop the gentle flow of pointless, pretty words floating in and out of their heads. 2.No that’s it writing drivel is my only advice. It has so many benefits.  It … Continue reading The Secret to Writing Really Long Posts

My Website is Trying To Kill Me

The first in my new series Deranged Ramblings and no, smart alec, that is not a better title for my entire blog well it might be but ... Shut up! Okay I seem to be the tiniest bit OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), well apparently it is a common co-morbidity with autism.  And I generally think … Continue reading My Website is Trying To Kill Me