Been Busy 3 Tilting at Windmills

This particular pointless rant actually started days ago. See Been Busy and Been Busy 2 Fixing the Government I may have told you this before. I was in Centrelink with my mother and daughter, I was sitting separately because during the previous visit my panic attack had badly distressed them. I had a massive panicContinue reading “Been Busy 3 Tilting at Windmills”

Been Busy 2 Fixing the Government

Okay I have to come clean; I have not fixed the government. Mainly because no one would let me. I know why, its Machiavellian. I mean I’m autistic, that should be a free pass to the job of Prime Minister. Oh well that is the dream. You know how some people write stuff in parts,Continue reading “Been Busy 2 Fixing the Government”

20 Lessons I’ve Learned From Visiting 20 Countries (Part 2)

Originally posted on thisisyouth:
Continuation of last week’s post! Here are 10 more lessons I’ve learned from traveling to 20 countries! Everyone Pays Attention to American Politics When I was traveling in Asia during late 2015 and early 2016, there was only one thing people wanted to talk to me about: the presidential primaries. I…