NBN, the Next Great? Improvement? in Computer/Internet Thingy?

If you are not from Australia you have been fortunately spared this little joy.  The Australian Government is dedicated to making sure our internet service is at least equal to some undeveloped nations.  I mean it would be unrealistic to expect internet speeds comparable to the USA or the UK, after all they are importantContinue reading “NBN, the Next Great? Improvement? in Computer/Internet Thingy?”

I’m No Food Blogger, But…

or No Alex I Am Not Turning Into One Of Those People, What Do you Mean I’m Too Old! My mother likes coffee shops!  I think its a vestige of her teaching career, teachers are mad on coffee shops, and wine but that’s another story.  Anyway if I am really good and really polite andContinue reading “I’m No Food Blogger, But…”

Politics – Pauline Hanson

My husband insists I blog about this.  He has a whole speech about why its valid & important and will get it off my chest.  But he’s not fooling me; we disagree and he’s sick of listening.  So you have to put up with this. Okay!  Most people probably don’t know we in Australia haveContinue reading “Politics – Pauline Hanson”

Epiphany-Star Trek May Have Shaped My View Of Life

Lots of stuff has been escaping into my head lately while I’ve been distracted by feeling sick and dizzy.  I’ve spoken to quite a few people, read blogs, magazines and books. plus Alex got this weird book of obscure facts that she & Gavin have taken to randomly announcing.  So if I have copied yourContinue reading “Epiphany-Star Trek May Have Shaped My View Of Life”

44 Years in Darkness by Sylvia Shults – A Review

I am about to deliver the first book review I have written since I was in school.  Majorly scary! Full disclosure; I did receive a PDF copy of this book for free, but I was trying to buy it anyway, and I am pretty sure it hasn’t affected my opinion.  Below is as accurate aContinue reading “44 Years in Darkness by Sylvia Shults – A Review”