Why Can’t You Listen To Something Cheerful, Like Fall Out Boy!

So I was standing at my child’s bedroom door watching a concert she was presenting.  The Machiavellian imp lured us (her parents) in by asking us to watch 1 song; one song is a hefty price to pay but worth it for an hour free of:

“Are you coming to watch my song yet!”


Charlie spotted the lack of popcorn and scarpered; sometimes that dog shows real intelligence.  It was 4 long arduous songs before she finally said we were free and we fled.  Running down the hall savouring the feeling of our muscles loosening up and the sound of … well, not hearing awful songs.












Okay the truth; she has always been a fantastic singer.  Until….dah, dah, da:

She discovered new music on the internet!

New dress


Shut up I am not an old fogey!


Alright I am, but … just shut up anyway!


But the new music is…

Well it’s weird, so weird!  In my day songs had melody and they made…. Okay even I can see where that’s going.  But its not like that, my youngest listens to WEIRD music.


Her eldest sister likes pop.


Girly, teenie bopper pop!

But my main problem is; she has dragged her father into it!

His ringtone is “Like A G6”


He’s a MAN!

And he doesn’t even drink!


But what the hell!  I love Taylor Swift and Katy Perry.



No. 2 seems to have an unhealthy obsession with James Taylor, James Blunt (James T Kirk too but who doesn’t) and some country crooners I’ve never heard of.

But apart from a few aberrations her taste is eclectic and pretty good.

She is in charge of the music at my wake.

Ding, dong the witch is dead is banned!


7685 crop
I know she almost looks sane.

Tab is obsessed with some bizarre speeded up like crazy music called Night Core or something.  “Whatever!”

Her insanely, indulgent father lets her play it for entire car trips!

But not when I’m in the car.

So again, it’s not too bad.  I can listen to 3 or 4 songs (think Alvin & the Chipmunks) in a row; without going completely nuts.


But then No.4; my baby, left Taylor Swift behind.

This is progress????


She has started listening to songs I’ve never heard of from the internet; and I’m terrified.electronic-scrap-944452

The songs are so weird!!!  And I have realised that there is a negative side to weird.  That’s right my favourite word has a dark side; and it is on the internet playing music to my most gullible daughter.

Bizarre songs from new musicals like ‘Hamilton’, and Disneyesque songs with sinister, dark currents drowning my innocent child.

For one thing they are high pitch and fast and are ruining her beautiful singing voice.

Shut up!  I am not one of those mothers!

She’s been given solos in choir.  All 4 of my girls have been in school choirs.  Tasha won her school’s talent show and Cat came 2nd in a 3 school singing competition.  And she was robbed, the audience was stacked with…  I’m not completely one of those mothers.

Angels sing

My girls have the voices of angels.

And as the rest of all of them consists of some of the devil’s finest handiwork.

You can give me this me!


I am also concerned for her immortal soul!



I am concerned for her emotional well being.  The mixture of light & dark in these songs; childhood tainted with the darkest recesses of the adult world, they disturb me!


Why can’t she listen to uplifting, happy songs; like my favourites?

I mean not old people music.  ‘Obviously’ (teen eye roll).


I like some of the more modern stuff.

Cheery bands like Evanescence, Panic at the Disco, Fall Out Boy, Good Charlotte, Linkin Park and The Killers.  Fantastic songs like ‘Hate Me’ Blue October, the subtly christmassy themed ‘Welcome To the Black Parade’ My Chemical Romance (I know you don’t believe me but listen…think…see it’s there), and heroic themes like ‘Kryptonite’ 3 Doors Down & ‘Superman’ Five For Fighting.


So I need your advice:

Do I have a leg to stand on?

Should I talk to her or leave it?

Should I offer her a chocolate to proofread this post while I go shopping somewhere; so she can’t get me?


I await your sage advice?


Thanking Graphic stock for all the images, except the family photos.  I don’t believe Graphic stock currently has photos of my family  (Alex says they should; in case people are looking for pictures of insane, devil’s spawn, dafty bats, trolls or burmese tigers.  Gavin is prepared to sell for the right price).  Some of the pictures I amalgamated on Word.

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

13 thoughts on “Why Can’t You Listen To Something Cheerful, Like Fall Out Boy!

  1. Don’t talk to her. That’ll never work. I say, barge in there with hidden earplugs and pretend to listen to the music! do this day and night. Maybe dance around or something. Eventually she’ll hate it because what teen likes music her parents listen to? If this doesn’t work…uh, I don’t know.

    Just don’t stop posting! I love your family. Husband needs to lose weight. I say that cause my big behind has lost a few pounds and boy do I feel better. Plus you guys got to live long enough to get those kids out of the house, right?

    Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I feel the same way about music nowadays. My almost 15 year old daughter is obsessed with bands like Slipknot and Marilyn Manson. My poor ears cannot handle this music.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You’re right I have to stop complaining about her music and pretend to love it; you are a genius.
      As to weight, Gav & I lose weight when we are less depressed and gain it during the down times. Our GP is trying to get Gav ready for the final diagnosis; autism probably. Then tailor an exercise program to his particular brand of insanity. I have actually achieved step one in my diet improvement; I now eat vegetables that aren’t potato.
      The kids are never leaving, I’ve begged. Every time Cat complains about housework or our cooking I suggest she moves out, she just rolls her eyes.
      Thanks for replying.


  3. give it time, thats what im going to do with alexs taste in country. i mean i listened to the redback on the toilet seat song, that was alright. and james taylor and james blunt are both fine. i imagine our tastes overlap fine actually, because i listen to most things (minus country. and probably what your younger 2 are listening to.)

    its funny, because when i was trying to think of lovely voice + “dark” music, evanescence was exactly what i was thinking of. although i never had one of their albums, im familiar with their music. they sound kind of like gwen stefani & co. had a REALLY BAD DAY and isnt going to take anymore $%&! ever again. or is that unfair?

    im afraid that it probably is age, and LOLOL @ sir gavins ring tone. thats really sweet. the good news is, im right there with you on this, probably.

    note that the girl i went to school with is now wynonna judds stepdaughter. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wynona_Judd#Personal_life i dont expect you to believe this (it sounds made-up to me too) but then we went to school around the corner from faith hill anyway. and faith hill is ok i suppose. the thing that really gets me about country is not that its southern but most of it is so terribly, terribly manufactured and fake– i mean id rather nsync!

    ah nevah soundid lahk them countrah boys ahnaway. buut ah reckon ah can learn yer dawter sum southern tawlkin if-n you wun to! (wynonna judds stepdaughter doesnt talk like that either.) the truth is, southern accents vary and (like aussie accents) not everyone sounds like the crocodile hunter. except in mainstream country music! where everyone sounds like theres only cousins in the family all the way back to colonial times! its completely ridiculous. SO CURIOUS what songs you were subjected to, i want to hear!

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    1. My mother wasn’t really into music; I don’t even know how that is possible. But she liked Elvis Presley and Dad liked Nat King Cole. Rod Stewart, Dennis Rousoss, Nana Mouskori, Olivia Newton John and John Denver. I still like all that stuff.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Kids are going to establish their musical tastes regardless of how their parents try to influence them. And that those tastes are probably going to change a few times before they’ve all completely grown up, as well. Especially nowadays in these days where so many styles and kinds of music from both around the world and back from our past, are so readily available to listen to online!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much for your response. I know this intellectually but it is hard to see your baby moving in directions you don’t understand. So I blow off steam writing a tongue in cheek post, even I don’t think Fall Out Boy is that cheerful; although I do love them. 🙂


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