Why Can’t You Listen To Something Cheerful, Like Fall Out Boy!

So I was standing at my child’s bedroom door watching a concert she was presenting.  The Machiavellian imp lured us (her parents) in by asking us to watch 1 song; one song is a hefty price to pay but worth it for an hour free of: “Are you coming to watch my song yet!” CharlieContinue reading “Why Can’t You Listen To Something Cheerful, Like Fall Out Boy!”

I Am Awake, Shut Up Mum

In order to wake Alex from a dissociative/mute/withdrawn episode I sometimes use songs that attract her attention and simultaneously offer a reward if she can repeat the song.  Singing a funny song preferably with actions wakes her up.  By the time she can sing the song properly she is ready to safely walk around. ThisContinue reading “I Am Awake, Shut Up Mum”

Tiny Tasha’s Triumph

This evening was the girl’s school’s Summer Music Concert.  I have attended the last 3 years and really enjoyed it each time.  This time though the choir both my girls were in went first.  The older two hadn’t felt up to coming and Mum and I were feeling a little off.  I was going toContinue reading “Tiny Tasha’s Triumph”