Tiny Tasha’s Triumph

tasha-2016-nov-26-01This evening was the girl’s school’s Summer Music Concert.  I have attended the last 3 years and really enjoyed it each time.  This time though the choir both my girls were in went first.  The older two hadn’t felt up to coming and Mum and I were feeling a little off.  I was going to stand by my principles and stay for the whole concert not just my child.  But there were ants, ants, all over me.  Ants trumps principles plus I only joke argue with my mother so I didn’t really want to refuse to go when she wanted to.

But before we left I got to see my two youngest girls under lights singing together.  Or at least we would have if the older one wasn’t a soprano & therefore had to stand behind the speaker.

Big news, Natasha got to sing lines by herself; a small solo is still a solo.  The song was “Shackles” and Tash sang “What you gonna do!” and “Yeah” every time, on her own microphone.

I should mention that Tabby has been in the choir for years; no solos. But she is so much less pushy than her little sister.  Another person also mentioned that Tasha is now taller than her.  Not a great night for Tablet.

But to get on with the job I have been assigned.  Little Miss 13 the pushiest princess in Perth; was absolutely enchanted when people wished her “Happy Birthday” on my post.  So she wished to send you all a Merry Christmas and to show Joel, & everyone else the wall memo she has just made.


Job done, bye for now!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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