The 13th! (Birthday that is)

Since I have last posted a few things have happened.

Natasha had her 13th birthday!



Presents were opened with Mum, Dad, Sisters, Grandma and 2 ladies from the Autism Association, Cake was just the family after Hungry Jacks for dinner (Burger King).

Grandma in between the Association ladies & Alex making sure her head is still there.

She didn’t get her card from me until dinner because it was a 32 page booklet, you can see it in the top picture.  It just outlined the horrors of 13.

This is Natasha in one of her presents (Grease costume):


Friday it was a party with her boyfriend and Pizza.  He’s having a big party so he thought she should only have him over.


This is her best side:


Saturday night it was a party at Gavin’s parents with Uncle Jason & Aunt Fiona and their boys.  The 2 boys had drawn her birthday cards, it was beautiful.

Sunday madness reigned.

Monday I made “Pasta with Mushrooms and Bacon” pg 82 in Tana Ramsay’s real family food.  Harper Collins 2007.  A guy from our writer’s circle won it at the Quiz Night and gave it to Alex.  The pasta was wonderful; a fresh tasty version of my favourite packet pasta that was discontinued.  It was so good F. the lady who helped me is making it for her family.

Every one except Tasha liked it even Mum and even Tasha tried some;  she told me it was good but not to her taste.

Meanwhile I have finished my prep book for my novel; and plotted out the action, 40 scenes.  I have written and edited Chapter 1, 2 & 3 and have written Chapter 11; over 4000 words.

Tuesday Writer’s Circle, Wednesday Disability Review Prep, this morning F. and I did a lot of cleaning and this afternoon Christmas shopping. I am exhausted.

I am still not making much headway with the 3000 posts I haven’t read.

Tuesday afternoon I went to the P&F AGM (Parent’s group annual general meeting) I have been avoiding these people since my disagreement with the Book Club rep and I felt guilty & cut off, I missed a few functions and that was it; I couldn’t go back.  The family & my psychologist thought I should give up P&F because of my high anxiety at the moment.  But for the first time  I had a group of people I really wanted to see again. I was still considering just sending a resignation then the President & Treasurer both sent supportive emails.  So I went to the meeting and it was fantastic.  I was so happy I tried to volunteer again but they convinced me to take only my favourite job & step back; I can keep involved but only as much or as little as I can cope with at the time.  So tomorrow Cat & I are back to Friday Working Bees; I can’t wait, we used to enjoy them so much!

Then more Disability prep tomorrow afternoon.  Oh well!

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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

28 thoughts on “The 13th! (Birthday that is)

  1. For your Daughter, may she shine always. For you Milady i appreciate and very grateful for your patronage and really like my work. Thank you.


  2. Happy Birthday WooHoo she’s a teenager! Now, as a parent, the ‘fun’ really begins with tantrums, mood swings, arguments… 😀
    This sentence is a bit confusing: “Friday it was a party with her boyfriend and Pizza. He’s having a big party so he thought she should only have him over.” Who is Pizza and why was it so important to have him over rather than her boyfriend? Wouldn’t it have made her boyfriend jealous? 🙂


    1. Keep Calm, what I have to tell you is extremely disturbing. Her boyfriend ate Pizza! It may have been the jealousy, I wish I’d posted my plans so you could have picked up my mistake before it became tragic.
      And I was about to say before prompted by her 16 year old sister; tantrums, mood swings and arguments have been her method of communication since birth. Sometimes when we consider her getting worse we all (me, hubby, sisters, pets and Grandma) hide under the table, sob silently and shake in fear.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. OK I’ve calmed down now and stopped running round the room screaming and waving my arms about. But…omg!…Pizza’s funeral is going to be disgusting! You’ll have to wait several days before you can have it and it definitely won’t be an open casket/cardboard box and you’ll all have to wear gasmasks! Ew!
        And TWO teenage daughters??? Perhaps you could all wear extra powerful earmuffs (with mini ones for the pets) and then you can sit in blissful peace and quiet whilst pots, pans, plates, iphones, laptops, fly through the air. It would be like watching an episode of Poltergeist.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Pizza is being cremated, I have decided not to go; I want to remember him as he was.
    You’ve given me a great idea, I’ll leave a camera rolling and sell the resulting film as a horror movie. It might defray some of the cost of broken IT and media equipment. I can’t put earmuffs on the pets though they need all their senses to keep away from the monsters; oops I mean perfectly lovely teenage girls.
    And I still have to deal with 2 housebound 20 somethings. The horror… the horror!


  4. Happy birthday to Natasha and warm wishes!!!
    It sounds like you’re really on a roll with the novel, four thousand words in one chapter, that’s not easy (at least for me, I think I hit about three thousand on average), hope it continues to go smoothly!!


    Liked by 1 person

  5. From Natasha “Thank you very much! I will be doing a lot of Christmas projects this weekend. So Merry Christmas!”
    Mum says “She’s a nut, but every so often a nice nut! :)”


  6. Happy Birthday Tasha. Nice to see all of you having a celebration together. I am sure she had lots of presents and enjoyed all the love and attention too. Wish you all the best Tasha in the coming years. Love, Light and Healing Energies to all of you from down under. God Bless 🙂 ❤

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