I’m In Trouble

My evil family is picking on me. For no apparent reason. I know I have told you that Gavin is really nice and rarely gets mad. I may have pushed it a little. I may have hundreds of D&D figures. I may have close to 100 sets of D&D dice. I may have over 700Continue reading “I’m In Trouble”

I Am A Sell Out

That’s right!  The lure of Midas has claimed another victim.  I have not only agreed to host ads, I have changed my site to please Mammon. Hooray, hooray, hooray!!! Lele’s getting mon mon! Seriously though I know it won’t be much. But if you knew the number of people I m saying “Shut Up” toContinue reading “I Am A Sell Out”

5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff

Be the only living relation of an elderly (really close to death) multi billionaire. Then don’t stupidly mess it up!   2. Find something incredibly valuable that you can make a legally binding claim on.  Then monetize it in whichever way will make you incredibly wealthy. 3.Invent something incredibly useful &/or popular. Don’t mess up theContinue reading “5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff”