The Other Woman

Why have you deserted me, why run to Her? Our life may be humdrum, but what's the great lure? Cherise was so loving, never far did she stray, Now at the Granny flat she tries to stay! I lost all my children; one, two, three, four... For the sweets or the freedom or perhaps something … Continue reading The Other Woman

Valentine Needed; Desperately!

For our family Valentine's Day started yesterday when Charlie sent two red chiffon bags of dog chocs & yogurt drops to his favourite person F. (my support worker)'s Cavalier spaniel damsels.  When shown photos he adores Indie; the younger one. And is not that interested in Poppy the grumpy one. Not the actual photos of … Continue reading Valentine Needed; Desperately!

Echo’s Spine Chilling, Terrifying Love

A few nights ago Echo tried to further her relationship with Charlie the soppy spaniel. Unfortunately her method was a little... unusual.  She stared angrily at him and moved close to him; if (well, when) he pulled away, whined or acted in any way scared she walloped him.  I know it may sound like a … Continue reading Echo’s Spine Chilling, Terrifying Love


Another great writing exercise from the Katharine  Susannah Prichard Writer's Centre. We had to concentrate on dialogue and we had 3 options Gossip I can't remember (no I can't that wasn't the prompt) A declaration  (with the examples 'of love' or ' of war' The contrast in the 2 examples resulted in; "Terry, it's good … Continue reading Declaration

5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff

Be the only living relation of an elderly (really close to death) multi billionaire. Then don't stupidly mess it up!   2. Find something incredibly valuable that you can make a legally binding claim on.  Then monetize it in whichever way will make you incredibly wealthy. 3.Invent something incredibly useful &/or popular. Don't mess up the … Continue reading 5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff