Orion’s Magnanimous Musings!

Lucky fans and Burmese devotees, you must be so desperate for more of my musings. I recently realised I have only told you about the whomans I live with; oh, and I told you about my bestie; Cushion.  But lots of other things live in my house.  I am such a benign and generous Imperator. … Continue reading Orion’s Magnanimous Musings!

Orion’s Adventures in Underwear

Hello again, you lucky, lucky people!  It’s me; Orion the Burmese Tiger Star. A fun thing happened this morning when Mummy was putting on her fake fur.  So she was pulling on the stretchy things she calls knickers.  She was sitting on the bed because waking up is soooo tiring.  Then I thought if they … Continue reading Orion’s Adventures in Underwear

Smokie – Mighty Hunter or Marshmallow Cloud

I'm Smokie; I'm a hunter! You will not see my like. I follow my prey to the ends of the Earth; Unless its a bit of a hike. My best move is to stay very still, And ambush things that pass. But I get bored quite quickly, If things don't happen fast. My sister caught … Continue reading Smokie – Mighty Hunter or Marshmallow Cloud

A Mouse In Our House

Saturday night the cry went out. "There's a mouse in my shoes!" yelled Cat. Lisa; the mighty mouse hunter leapt to her feet.  Gavin looked confused. Finally I was in my element.  I can catch mice.  No I am not a cat, I am a fat old lady who waddles about and spends most of … Continue reading A Mouse In Our House

My Blog 2 – Orion

Hey!  I'm back!  Mummy is asleep, again.  One of those stranger whomans came and took her into Daddy's room, you know the one where he hides all the food.  The other whoman made her move about for ages and Mummy doesn't usually move much, so she'll be asleep for ages. I jumped on her tummy, I … Continue reading My Blog 2 – Orion

Echo’s Spine Chilling, Terrifying Love

A few nights ago Echo tried to further her relationship with Charlie the soppy spaniel. Unfortunately her method was a little... unusual.  She stared angrily at him and moved close to him; if (well, when) he pulled away, whined or acted in any way scared she walloped him.  I know it may sound like a … Continue reading Echo’s Spine Chilling, Terrifying Love

Bad News I’m Not Sick

Finally the long awaited test results came in; proving I do not have adrenal fatigue.  See Great News I Might Be Sick if you want to understand.  I mean I still have autism, anxiety, depression, asthma, allergies, IBS, postural hypotension (low blood pressure), peri menopause,  oh I forget most of the other stuff.  But I don't … Continue reading Bad News I’m Not Sick

Does Anyone Know What On Earth Might Be Wrong With My Cat?!

First of all, trick image the above is actually a dog, & what's wrong with my dog may be the subject of another post but not this one. First which one do I mean? This one? Well she's old, set in her ways & doesn't understand why the other pets don't enjoy being hit when she's … Continue reading Does Anyone Know What On Earth Might Be Wrong With My Cat?!

I Wrote A Poem; I Hate You All! – My family not my readers

I told my fish to stop their fighting & they bit each others tails. I told my kids to stop their fighting & my husband laughed in gales.   I asked the grey cat to please stop drinking my lovely cup of tea. Smokie looked solemnly at his water bowl then stared straight back at … Continue reading I Wrote A Poem; I Hate You All! – My family not my readers

Orion’s Christmas Gift

Finally proof Orion is the sweetest, most thoughtful cat in the world. About 4:00 this afternoon we heard a mighty crash in the front room.  Bang, boom, scratching sounds and sounds like glass breaking.  Orion came tearing out of the room straight past me as I rushed in. Our lovely tree! Broken, ornaments possibly shattered, … Continue reading Orion’s Christmas Gift