I Have Discovered Another Imaginary Talent

You may remember; or you may check back, at one stage I believed I could write a book; How I Started To Write.  Then I thought I could write a Science Fiction novel;  A Novel.  Now I think I can paint. Oh I’ve been doing this all the time lately; there are all kinds ofContinue reading “I Have Discovered Another Imaginary Talent”

A Novel

Hi, just a quick note to let everyone know what I’ve been doing the last two days.  I have been making a background book for a novel.  Yes having started to write a mere 6 months ago I think I can write a novel. I was writing a book on autism but it is upsettingContinue reading “A Novel”

5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff

Be the only living relation of an elderly (really close to death) multi billionaire. Then don’t stupidly mess it up!   2. Find something incredibly valuable that you can make a legally binding claim on.  Then monetize it in whichever way will make you incredibly wealthy. 3.Invent something incredibly useful &/or popular. Don’t mess up theContinue reading “5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff”

Teens, Tantrums & Technical Difficulties.

Friday Night Attack of the Terribly Twisted Teens After a last minute panic; no one had informed the fish or Danger the axylotl of the impending invasion.  Plus I owned glass markers and had only annoyed the kids a couple of times with them.  So obviously I wrote on all 3 tanks (backwards so theyContinue reading “Teens, Tantrums & Technical Difficulties.”

Parable of Power Rangers

  Lo and down from the mountains came a youth dressed all in green.  And within his heart a fire of anger inspired by a woman of the hills who had claimed to be a prophet. Within the town centre he found three youths and with them two virgins of great beauty.  These were theContinue reading “Parable of Power Rangers”

The Secret to Writing Really Long Posts

1.Drivel; don’t clutter up your writing with information or even intelligent thought or opinion. Ideas take up space in the brain of the reader & stop the gentle flow of pointless, pretty words floating in and out of their heads. 2.No that’s it writing drivel is my only advice. It has so many benefits.  ItContinue reading “The Secret to Writing Really Long Posts”

With Spirit Part 8 The End

Part 1 here Lea stood up gingerly, the woman perched beside her rose with her supporting her.  Jerry thought his heart would burst; Lea was alive.  He quickly looked around and sure enough the 3 guys on the floor were all moving, they were all starting to get up.  None of them were dead!  HeContinue reading “With Spirit Part 8 The End”

With Spirit Part 7

Part 1 here Wal was torn; if he kept the camera working and got enough footage Sean might let them all go, but he wanted to protect Lea, he felt he needed to be beside her. Paulo crouched near his surviving equipment, oblivious to everything but the shrieking noise that had started shortly after thingsContinue reading “With Spirit Part 7”

With Spirit Part 6

Part 1 here Lea was definitely at the centre of the orbs’ movements over the last few hours the room had filled completely except for one corner: the corner behind the hallway’s open door.  But even though the crew seemed oblivious to them; the loud noises had not abated.  Crashes, bangs and the sound ofContinue reading “With Spirit Part 6”

Job Application – Public Speaker

I speak a lot of drivel, but I have been assured it is erudite, interesting drivel.  Admittedly I can get caught like a deer in the headlights if I become over stressed; but all it takes is one question and Pow!  My intellectual conceit and verbosity come to the fore and before you know itContinue reading “Job Application – Public Speaker”