Anubis, Not the Famous One, the Cuddly One.

As promised pictures of the newest Holt.


Thursday we went to Cat Haven (Cat Shelter) to look for a kitten.  I know before I have sworn off rescue pets because of the complicated household make up that the poor animal will have to adjust to.  Some years ago we adopted a beautiful Ragdoll X Freddy from the RSPCA.  He took about a month to get used to us all.  He adored our small puppy Cherise and was best mates with our big boy Chase.  Then suddenly our indoor only cat wanted to be indoor/outdoor.  No we only had indoor cats.  Before long he developed anxiety based  urinary tract problems a potentially fatal problem especially in male cats, so Freddy became an indoor/outdoor cat.  Chase couldn’t cope, his best mate would disappear and then a strange cat turned up, he was so confused he developed urinary tract anxiety problems.  The vet told us their lifestyles were incompatible, if we missed the symptoms for a day one of them could die.  The vet nurse I requested his records from disagreed and gave me quite a serve about irresponsible pet owners.  The RSPCA didn’t have room to take him back, the next shelter was quite nice and promised to share my cautionary letter with potential owners.  We had him 5 months, we adored him, the other pets adored him.  Sorry this is depressing but even with the kitten my dark side is still raw.


BUT Alex told us that is what Cat Haven specialised in, knowledge of the cats’ characters, plus a young kitten could be taught.  She has worked there every Friday morning for over two years.


1st kitten we saw, he ran straight to Alex, the colour, the name, everything about him was perfect.  I tried to be responsible and look at others but it just broke my heart.  I asked the attendant’s advice and she took me back to his cage.  He was ours.

I must say the Cat Haven staff were fantastic.  I was slurring my words and stuttering yet they treated me really respectfully, they checked we knew what we were doing and gave us lots of info.  Microchipped, vaccinated, sterilized and vet checked a rescue kitten is a real bargain.

Anubis, or Newbie (Orion is still the Kitten) was loving the 2 girls (Al and Tab) through the crate all the way home.  There was no real settling in time he just wanted humans around him all the time.  He ran to us, climbed us, slept on us.


I know there are stereotypes that rescue pets want a home and thus are affectionate but the truth is usually the opposite; scared, confused animals that need time to get to know their new owners.  Not Anubis, he owned us straight away, he made sure we weren’t going anywhere.  He also owns our house.   Not so much the other fur babies though.


Burmese tigers have been warned, Orion is very careful not to scare the tiny scrap of fur.  Newbie will seek him out to growl menacingly.  Echo can see his hair is messy but doesn’t want to scare and moves off when he growls.  Pixie is not fussed either way.  He’s okay with the dogs, he lets them sleep on his bed.  He’s been nose to nose with all the others already but with Charlie many times, they are quite kissy.  He has walked over Charlie as a short cut, Charlie didn’t mind.  He liked Newbie until Angel Faye visited.  Both on her lap Charlie secret-kicked him mildly with his foot twice to move him off.  Anubis lifted a clawed paw but didn’t hit him, they shared the lap of the Great & Good Angel Faye for awhile, the ultimate in Charlien acceptance.  Cherise had one minor hackle raise vs hiss/growl incident but they are now mutually ambivalent.


I know we are being watched over, I think Smokie helped us find Anubis and will help him adjust to his new post as co-king of our house.  Like lions, the male Holt cats rule as a group with Cushion, oops I mean Charlie, of course.  Anubis, Judge and God of the Ancient Egyptians, is going have to learn to compromise with Orion the Hunter, and Charlie the British Cavalier King.  Not holding my breath though.



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