Farewell Beloved Smokie

I don’t even know how to write this…

Smokie passed away, renal failure after a kidney blockage; it was fast, bloody and completely unexpected.  My marshmallow cloud.  The vet gave him a pain killer while we waited for tests, the results were dire.  No real choice.  But the morphine gave us time to get the kids and all say goodbye.  The half hour waiting had seen him go from lethargic to barely twitching but he raised his head when he say the family.  He definitely said goodbye.  Alex, Tash and I stayed with him so he wouldn’t be alone.  The vet explained things to us and to Smoke, the staff were really sweet to him.


Losing people in our lives like Bobbi and Chase has sent us into a deep depression before.  I am a coward and couldn’t face the blackness without him.   We have bought a new kitten.  Next post.

BTW When Chase died the other cats and dogs were confused and looked for him for days.  I noticed Marley’s (Mum’s dog) reaction to my clothes, he was sympathetic and subdued.  I realised that my clothes caked in urine, blood, fur and medication may have told the whole story.  So I laid them out on the ensuite floor that all the dogs and cats visit.  Sure enough the pets were subdued, seeking affection, but they did not look for Smokie.  I think this really worked to give the cats and dogs closure.

I found these shots of Smokie and his sister Pixie as kittens.

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13 thoughts on “Farewell Beloved Smokie

      1. I realIy feel for you… My former little Princess, Sissy, died in my arms from major heart failure at the young age of four and a half years old. Only time can heal the pain… Take good care, I send you my warmest thoughts xx

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  1. More hugs for you and your family. Poor Smokie had the love and companionship of you till the end, and that should make you feel better: you did what was best for Smokey, if the saddest decision you had to make. More hugs on top of the first ones. This is a sad day. Love from America…

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    1. Thank you, I’m sorry I lost your comment for a while. I don’t think you ever get over it. But time reminds you that the loss is negligible when compared with the joy of having had them in your life.

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