KSP Challenge – The Wrong Question Part 2 Alex’s Guest Post.

This is Alex’s piece for the challenge described in KSP Challenge.

This year parents told Natasha how Santa Claus was a spirit that used them and other believers as helpers during the Christmas season. Unlike the rest of us, she was devastated, which has kinda left me confused and sad for baby sister.

I don’t know why I wasn’t so upset by the idea that Santa had to possess people to get the job done, I mean not enough people believe in him so he can’t make a physical form here, or at least not a full one (he does eat his chocolate and his reindeer leaves marks in our front yard when they have their treats). I mean, I didn’t feel like it was an upsetting thing, just an important thing. Unfortunately it’s left unable to be empathetic to Tasha’s feelings.

Last night we watched a christmas episodes of power rangers, and I accidently let slip in a conversation, that obviously there was enough belief in there world for him to be physically there. I knew all my sisters had had the talk, but I still had held back from saying this earlier because I knew how sensitive Tash was.

Tash, of course told me off, while Tabby; not realizing the situation wanted to High Five me. I was already apologizing and Catherine was calming Tash down, saying I hadn’t mean to even say it, let alone hurt her. This lasted for a very short moment before everything went back to normal, but it did bring up that confusion and sadness again.

It probably help if I’d remember to actually talk to parents about this, I don’t know. I wish I understood why Natasha is so upsetted over this. I feel so bad, that all I can do try to sympathy sometimes but mostly avoid the subject all together.
And it all kinda hurts.

I heard this and couldn’t believe how I’d failed my children.  Mum thought it showed how well the family works.  See I told you Mum was crazy, not autistic at all.


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An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

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