How Many Cats?

As I was sitting in my own lounge room; carefully selecting wrapping paper and gift tags (homemade of course) to suit each individual, using my best Sheaffer pens to write their names in calligraphy; my husband just started an argument out of the blue.  He said I was crazy!  I asked him, politely, what made him think that.  He said because I was looking for the last of the Mickey Mouse paper to wrap the rats’ gift.

Okay yes I was wrapping the pets’ gifts.  But I’m not crazy, I know they can’t read; that’s why I don’t bother removing the price tags.  My kids are crazy; they complain & hide the price tags from them.  I put the names on so we can read them; how else will we know who each gift belongs too, obviously!  I write them prettily with a special message so they can hear them read out & enjoy the merriment in our voices.  The paper is selected to appeal to them when they are ripping it apart or it is held up to their cage or tank so they can watch it being opened.  Ah ha, I bet you thought there was no explanations.



As I said “I don’t have enough cats to be crazy!”

1. Echo
2. Pixie
3. Smokie
4.  And still not proof; Orion.

“Well you have a good start!” he replied.

“A crazy cat lady starter kit has 6 cats!” I informed the ignorant man.

“Is that something you made up?” he laughed… at me… in my own home!

“No it’s a meme!”

“Did you create that meme?” his cruel, taunting laughter continued unabated.

“No, it was somebody real!” I told him.

He chuckled evilly as I continued to wrap.

“So was it just  6 cats in it?” he finally asked.

“No that would be weird, and it was kittens obviously!” I held my temper really well, considering.

“What else did it have in it?”  I know, men are so weird.

I hung my head, Because I knew he would laugh at me again.

“A basket!” he roared with laughter, completely insensitive to my feelings.  “Well, the point is you need at least 6 to even begin to be crazy!”

Even confronted with this irrefutable logic, he disagreed.  I just continued; now looking for Avengers paper for Orion (regular readers will understand).

But the important thing is:

                 How many cats make you a crazy cat lady?

Apart from anything else I really want to adopt some more & I need ammunition against the husband!

And the even more important thing is:

He was watching Cricket; so which of us is truly crazy!


Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

7 thoughts on “How Many Cats?

  1. Sorry but I think four is the number of cats that pushes you in to crazy cat lady territory, not that there’s anything wrong with being a crazy cat lady. And getting presents for your pets is awesome. I just wouldn’t bother wrapping them.


    1. Crazy is not actually a tag I avoid, I’m just waiting for people to answer 11 so I can continue to harangue my husband. If you don’t wrap them you miss out on that few minutes of unwrapping where you can pretend the pet is excited and the pet can stare at you as if you were a loon. Seriously, even some of my fish look at me judgmentally. (Actually, it’s for the kids)

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