I Am Back Online, Beware!!!

Our modem was failing and then broke.

Our internet provider Dodo spent hours on the phone & offered to send us a  test modem to check what the problem was.  Gav decided we could use a back up anyway so just bought a new modem.  And we now have access to the internet again.

Even though we didn’t end up needing the offer but I am really pleased with how nice and helpful Dodo was.  Dodo gets the Crazy Lady Seal of Approval!


Now that our faulty modem has been replaced I am planning to resume my blogging but having accumulated over 6000 posts to read in my absence I won’t be looking at my backlog.

I am still having a bit of trouble with my computer, but Gavin says I can’t have a new one and to stop sending him ads for 2 in 1 Tablets.  I know; mean, right?  I never say no to his buying food, even for the kids.


My autistic tendency to irrationally avoid stuff has unfortunately kicked in and I am finding it hard to force myself to go on the internet.  Unfortunately my health problems; mainly mental I’ll admit, persist.  It was kind of funny today; Gavin had a bad stress headache so I had to get him drinks, hot pack & weighted bag (it’s an autism thing), he goes from headache to convulsing to unrousable sleep to sleep.  Two and a half hours later  Tasha wakes him because I won’t let her ask Grandma for lunch, 40 minutes before lunch time.  Gavin gets up gets me drinks & food;  I eat lunch then drop like a stone, intensive headache, convulsing, sleep (I don’t know if I could have been woken.  1 and a half hours later I wake & he has another 2 hour nap.  I have changed my mind; that is not as funny as it seemed in my mind.  A couple of weeks ago we were falling “asleep” at the same time; we had less drinks but at least we got to talk more.

About 3 weeks after Christmas I get my second blood test & if the adrenal problem is confirmed I might stop sleeping so much; and maybe being so dizzy.  I can’t wait!

Must go, middle of the night, husband yawning at me!

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

9 thoughts on “I Am Back Online, Beware!!!

  1. Welcome back home! 😀 I keep throwing hints at a new laptop to my hubster for christmas, particularly after my desktop came down with a terrible virus…:/ He was none to pleased since that is what he was already surprising me with for Christmas. 😉


    1. Thanks!
      There is no way I’d get a surprise computer for Christmas unless he won one. Unfortunately for us a computer is a major purchase requiring mutual discussion and money shuffling. So if he has got me one it will be a surprise no matter how often I pester. Merry Christmas!

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