Look, I took a Photo

I am really proud of this picture.

Of course the secret is the model:


Look at my boy Danger posing so beautifully for his Grandma (He’s Tash’s amphibian).

I had grabbed my camera to take a photo of my lazy layabout , the currently concussed but continually confused Gavin when Danger saw the camera and thinking I wanted a picture of my most unusual pet posed like the gorgeous boy he is.  Unlike Gavin:

7733 crop

Taken 5 minutes later.

Compare the two photos; one subject alert, trim, posed, the other my life partner.

No complaints from the Gavin fan club.

By the way if you are an axolotyl; aka mud puppy or Mexican Walking Fish, expert and have noticed that Danger is in fact a she, please let us know, we have no idea!

Published by autistsix

An autistic woman married to an autistic man trying to raise 4 autistic daughters in a neurotypical world

7 thoughts on “Look, I took a Photo

      1. aww. i always thought the main drawback to fish was you couldnt really pet them. theyre still amazing, but its nice to know theres (sort of) one you can pet.

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      2. He’s an amphibian, but many fish also like to be petted. Tash had a Siamese fighting fish who would swim to the top of the tank every time he saw her to get a pat, and I once separated two territorial males by putting my hand in the tank & they gave up the fight to cuddle my hand. Pet fish get very affectionate.

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