Doggie Daddy Sounds the Alarm

Apparently my husband posted that one of our dogs was sick, I received a concerned email.  This is what happens when you let husbands have blogs of their own, they get out of hand.  I don’t read his posts too much because they are so depressing, except I found out what happened to the VodkaContinue reading “Doggie Daddy Sounds the Alarm”

Happy New Year!!!

We love New Year’s Eve.  Every year we gather to watch the countdown; waiting in a circle with 2 people holding the dogs, cats don’t enjoy the countdown, so we can all kiss each other at midnight.  Then we toast with non alcoholic sparkling cuvee (some sort of white wine) and then sparkling apple juice.  WeContinue reading “Happy New Year!!!”

Christmas Planning Mistake No.2, 3 & 4

Over the years we have developed traditions. 1st of December we put up the Christmas tree.This year on the 1st of December Tabby had tickets for the school River Cruise; no time for tree.  So Friday; nope I slept from 1:30 to 5:00, Gavin from 2:00 to 6:00, Cat & Alex until 7:00.  Yah stressContinue reading “Christmas Planning Mistake No.2, 3 & 4”