5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff

Be the only living relation of an elderly (really close to death) multi billionaire. Then don’t stupidly mess it up!   2. Find something incredibly valuable that you can make a legally binding claim on.  Then monetize it in whichever way will make you incredibly wealthy. 3.Invent something incredibly useful &/or popular. Don’t mess up theContinue reading “5 Top Tips for Instant Success with Love, Money & Other Great Stuff”

Sorry and Hurrah!

I’m sorry if I normally read your posts, I am delayed not uninterested. My two youngest where in their school’s play.  A two hour extravaganza after 6 months rehearsal.   2 nights and I did refreshments for the P&F A (with lots of help).  It was fantastic! But back to sorry,  I tried to catchContinue reading “Sorry and Hurrah!”

Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 1

A child on the school stage plays a wrong note.  Ha, triumph; this will teach you to steal my child’s limelight.  A second bad note, oh my God, that poor child!  How can I be such a monster?  She’s my child’s friend! But I feel that my kids need to be seen.  They need theirContinue reading “Frustration Eating Me Alive! Part 1”