Agoraphobia. Part 1

Crazy or A Truer Kind of Sanity. I think the constant enemy of the Autistic parent raising Autistic children is the knowledge; deep within your soul, that you would all be happier alone (together) locked up in your house. Home is lovely; strong & solid.  Calming shades of blue, marine & purple; tones that reduceContinue reading “Agoraphobia. Part 1”

The Castle is Lost

It’s the end, the beloved battlefield; Castle Cat, is finished.  Admittedly it is 3 years old and has been well loved, but recently pieces have started to fall down.  Probably not helped by repeated invasions by the rabbit brothers. With one big kick Whisper dislodged one of the perches so it was over.  Fortunately weContinue reading “The Castle is Lost”

Teens, Tantrums & Technical Difficulties.

Friday Night Attack of the Terribly Twisted Teens After a last minute panic; no one had informed the fish or Danger the axylotl of the impending invasion.  Plus I owned glass markers and had only annoyed the kids a couple of times with them.  So obviously I wrote on all 3 tanks (backwards so theyContinue reading “Teens, Tantrums & Technical Difficulties.”

Sweet Sixteen

Happy birthday sweet sixteen! My 3rd daughter is 16 (31st). I can not post much because I have spent the day making a 78 page card (I am known for my mean cards) a fully illustrated book picking on the recipient using their favourite things.  In this case pretending that 16 is the age whereContinue reading “Sweet Sixteen”

Insane Week

Monday morning 7:00 on our way to School Banking at the kids’ old school, the start of the week from hell.  By the time we returned home at 9:30. We set up Book Fair late Friday afternoon, Monday morning some of the P&FA went and helped finish (without me).  Look intellectually it was a greatContinue reading “Insane Week”

Today Toys Tomorrow Books

Today I went to a toy and collectibles fair with my eldest daughter and her support worker.  I was terrified and every step towards the place I felt like running away.  I joked about running and kept going.  We bought the tickets and we were trapped. There were so many people, so much noise, brightContinue reading “Today Toys Tomorrow Books”

How I Started To Write

I’ve always wanted to write.  And at about 9 years old I wrote something that was considered amazing by teachers etc, I was identified as gifted.  For the rest of my school career I usually wrote at an above average level with occasional flashes of brilliance. But I could never write at any length.  IfContinue reading “How I Started To Write”

Writing Nonsense In My Sleep!

I have recently discovered a new super power.  When I am sleepy I can spin words into nonsense. When I was a child and last week my mother could always tell when I was overtired, because I would become chatty; animated, fun and chatty.  Alcohol works as well but there’s a family history and  wellContinue reading “Writing Nonsense In My Sleep!”

Not A Good Day!

I’ll start with the worst news, starting at the important bit my aunt is alive; my aunt was on holiday in Germany and was hit by a truck.  My aunt is the most beautiful woman I have ever met inside and out.  She has beautiful long dark hair & dark eyes and is tall andContinue reading “Not A Good Day!”

First Word Destiny

I was born, I said my first word. You must believe me; I know it’s absurd! I said  “axolotl” after much teaching! My dad & his friend just kept up the preaching. I think they were aiming to encourage my learning. One day a big salary I could be earning. Instead they awakened a quiteContinue reading “First Word Destiny”