Natasha is No Juliet.

No matter what she thinks. a) We like her Romeo. b) We like his family and they seem to like her. ¬†Massive flaw, yes but I forgive them; she is a brilliant little actress. c) She was weaned by 18 months. So how on Earth do I have mastitis, because I seem too. Ha haContinue reading “Natasha is No Juliet.”

A Wanna Be Writer’s Lament

I wonder why I can’t write A work to inspire acclaim! It isn’t that I’m not that bright, Or have no talent to my name. With creativity I’m more than blessed. Wisdom floods right out my ears. Yet my writing never¬†quite impressed. My lack of fame brings me to tears. But I finally realised whatContinue reading “A Wanna Be Writer’s Lament”