Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Special – Spooky Stuff

Introduction Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 1 – Good News, KSP is Not a Vet. Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 4 – No KSP, I’m being Robbed! I’m going to write this stuff separately in case I scare off some of my more sensitive readers. I have a secret to share, the house where KSPContinue reading “Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Special – Spooky Stuff”

Christmas Spirits?

A few days before Christmas I was wrapping presents late at night.  The children were all asleep and behind a closed door, my husband had stepped into the front room.  I saw a grey shadow unmoving in front of the closed door.  I knew it was a man although I cannot describe any features.  IContinue reading “Christmas Spirits?”

44 Years in Darkness by Sylvia Shults – A Review

I am about to deliver the first book review I have written since I was in school.  Majorly scary! Full disclosure; I did receive a PDF copy of this book for free, but I was trying to buy it anyway, and I am pretty sure it hasn’t affected my opinion.  Below is as accurate aContinue reading “44 Years in Darkness by Sylvia Shults – A Review”