Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Special – Spooky Stuff

Introduction Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 1 – Good News, KSP is Not a Vet. Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Part 4 – No KSP, I’m being Robbed! I’m going to write this stuff separately in case I scare off some of my more sensitive readers. I have a secret to share, the house where KSPContinue reading “Charlie’s Adventures at KSP Special – Spooky Stuff”

Christmas Spirits?

A few days before Christmas I was wrapping presents late at night.  The children were all asleep and behind a closed door, my husband had stepped into the front room.  I saw a grey shadow unmoving in front of the closed door.  I knew it was a man although I cannot describe any features.  IContinue reading “Christmas Spirits?”

With Spirit Part 1

Attempt at fiction short story (Please critique) With Spirit. Jerry rarely spoke directly to Lea.  Obviously she was the star of the show and he only the lowly 2nd camera, but that wasn’t it.  Lea wasn’t like that; she was a real sweetheart, everyone loved Lea.  Maybe it was because she was so young, sheContinue reading “With Spirit Part 1”