The Quest for Mobility

Monday the money we'd borrowed had finally hit our bank account and we were off to buy our new car.  Our budget was a massive $4500. We went past over 40 car yards stopping whenever it wasn't obvious they didn't have any 7 seat vehicles.  3 out of 4 had no 7 seat cars, those … Continue reading The Quest for Mobility

RIP Dizzy the Sweetest Trajet in the World!

Wednesday the cheap mechanics returned from holidays and we started getting quotes to replace the head gasket & timing belt.  They ranged from $1300 to $750 & the cheapest was a mobile mechanic so we wouldn't need a tow.  He was out first thing Thursday morning and as soon as he started removing parts he … Continue reading RIP Dizzy the Sweetest Trajet in the World!

Email Warning

I just received two traffic infringement notices by email.  Sounds fishy right?  Did I check it out just to be sure?  I was really tempted to because as an autistic person I was concerned that I had done something wrong. Reasons I did not: "Null" as my address Zip code; in Aust. we call it … Continue reading Email Warning