KSP A Dialogue Exercise

Now don’t be silly!  This was a very sensible exercise to encourage us to improve our creativity by using predominantly dialogue to illustrate a specific scene.  Lisa – Lisa Wolstenholme, our facilitator and resident genius had a very specific scene in mind. That’s right! And the conversation was to be conducted by sheep. My piece.Continue reading “KSP A Dialogue Exercise”

RIP Dizzy the Sweetest Trajet in the World!

Wednesday the cheap mechanics returned from holidays and we started getting quotes to replace the head gasket & timing belt.  They ranged from $1300 to $750 & the cheapest was a mobile mechanic so we wouldn’t need a tow.  He was out first thing Thursday morning and as soon as he started removing parts heContinue reading “RIP Dizzy the Sweetest Trajet in the World!”